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The Geriatric Transitions Objective Structured Video Examination (GT-OSVE) is a series of 3 video cases depicting the same hypothetical patient undergoing transitions of care in different locations: hospital to home, skilled nursing facility to home, and home to an assisted living facility. The GT-OSVE may be used as an evaluative tool to assess trainees' ability formulate transitions plans and to assess team functioning. Alternatively, the GT-OSVE may be used as an educational tool for teaching about transitions of care. The target audience involves teams of interdisciplinary health professions trainees, including but not limited to medical students, residents, physician assistant students, clinical pharmacy students, social work students and nursing students. The GT-OSVE may also be administered to individual trainees or to groups of trainees within the same discipline. This project was supported by a HRSA Geriatric Academic Career Award (GACA) grant #K01HP20487.

Please complete this online registration form in order to view the videos. The videos are licensed by Creative Commons and may not be used for any commercial purpose.