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Welcome to the Division of Hematology and Hematologic Malignancies

Welcome to the Division of Hematology

The scientific focus of our division is the study of blood and bone marrow in health and disease. Our physicians treat patients with blood cancer, such as leukemias and lymphomas, clotting disorders, such as hemophilia, and diseases of iron metabolism, such as hemochromatosis. Starting with Maxwell Wintrobe, one of the founding fathers of hematology and the University of Utah Medical School, our division can look back at a long-standing tradition of excellence in research, clinical care, and teaching. Last year researchers from our division garnered more than $14,290,605 in grant income, presented their data at major conferences and published their results in top tier journals. This would not be possible without the University of Utah’s outstanding collaborative environment and its strong scientific foundation.

Our goal is to translate our scientific discoveries into improved care for patients. We believe that every patient is unique and requires an individualized approach to achieve the best possible outcome. We believe that the key to this is to better understand diseases at the molecular level. As we strive to accomplish this goal, we are expanding our clinical services to make the latest scientific discoveries available to the patients of Utah and the Mountain West.


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