School of Medicine

Internal Medicine

Conference Rooms

Department of Internal Medicine
University of Utah School of Medicine
30 North 1900 East, Room 4C104
Salt Lake City, UT 84132

Name #people IT related Phone in room Projector Schedule with
Cartwright 4C103 75 PC, MAC, Polycom, 1 screen 801-585-5031 yes



Tyler 4A440 35 PC, Polycom 2 screens 801-581-3499



Hem 4C454 12 1 screen 801-585-6875

Shelly 801-213-2081



A Level 20 801-585-6069 Eric Irwin 801-585-9815
GI 4R113B 15-17 801-587-3456 Chelsea 801-587-3619

GI 3C310

10 Chelsea 801-587-3619
Cardio Small 4A229 10-12 1 screen 801-587-4868 Liz Cook 801-213-4060
Cardio Large 4B110D 40-50 yes Liz Cook 801-213-4060

Eichwald 5B115


30-40 yes

Geri AB193

20 PC MAC yes

Holly Abel


Classrooms in SOM, Building 521 are scheduled by the Deans Office.The on-line scheduler lets you see what is available and make requests. 

A – has the most equipment

B – projector and screen

C – bring your own, the equipment in there is for Surgery 585-6035 only, screen

D – bring your own, the equipment in there is for Anesthesiology only, screen

Classrooms in HSEB are scheduled with Eccles Library, date/time, how many, and what you need. Each classroom has equipment and they have their own help desk in the building.