As an initiative from the State of Utah, the Program of Addiction Research, Clinical Care, Knowledge, and Advocacy (PARCKA) and the Substance Use in Pregnancy Recovery Addiction Dependence (SUPeRAD) Clinic have partnered to enhance prenatal and postpartum care to those with substance use disorders in rural Utah counties. This goal is implemented through provider and community education, as well as increasing SUD screening and referral.

The PARCKA-SUPeRAD Initiative uses a collaborative and holistic approach by including professionals from multiple backgrounds including medical, social work, public health, and more to offer the best quality of care. The PARCKA-SUPeRAD Initiative has collaborated with Carbon, Emery, and San Juan counties and many local organizations in achieving this shared goal.

We are still expanding! If your county may be interested in collaborating with the PARCKA-SUPeRAD Initiative, please contact us!


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