Faculty Affairs Events

Our faculty development program provides support for a broad range of activities, workshops and other events including those that promote faculty roles in teaching, scholarship, administration, and leadership, and provides an essential support framework for faculty members to assist them in responding to the changes and challenges of their multiple roles and evolving responsibilities.

Faculty Promotion Series

Writing Your Self-Assessment

In this session, we provide instruction and tips for writing the most important part of your promotion or formal review materials, the self-assessment. We review the format and components of the self-assessment, discuss how to write each section to present the most convincing case for your review, and provide examples of previous well-written self-assessments that demonstrate the principles of a strong document.

Sessions are typically held in March, with exact dates TBD.

A recording of this workshop on Friday, March 13, 2020 is now available to view online. Click here to watch

Preparing Your CV

In this session, we review the components of the University of Utah School of Medicine CV and how to organize and present the best CV to support your promotion or review. We'll discuss the new web-based CV Editor and how it works, and spend time reviewing what information should go in your CV and where.

Sessions are typically held in March, with exact dates TBD. 

Preparing for Promotion & Formal Review

In this session, we provide a detailed description of the promotion and review process, including the steps required and the criteria for review and advancement. You'll receive all the information you need to plan for and successfully navigate the promotion and review process.

Sessions are typically scheduled in November, with exact dates TBD.


Faculty Affairs Team

Michael Rubin, MD, PhD, MS
Vice Chair, Faculty Affairs
& Faculty Development
Dori Knight
Operations Manager,
Faculty Affairs 
Lori Maness, MBA
Faculty Program Manager,
Reappointment, Review & Promotion