The faculty of the Division of General Internal Medicine has extensive clinical, educational, investigative, and leadership responsibilities within the Department of Internal Medicine and across the Health Sciences campus. The division includes close to 70 full-time faculty members with expertise in primary care, hospital medicine, palliative care, and medical ethics and humanities. Faculty members are clinically based at University Hospital and affiliated clinics, George E. Wahlen Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center, and Intermountain Medical Center.

The Division of General Internal Medicine provides the following services:

Advances in Patient Care

What advances in patient care, historic or current, come from the Division of General Internal Medicine that directly impacts patient care today? 

  • The Division of General Internal Medicine has made a significant contribution to the accurate measurement of blood pressure (BP) through clinical implementation and clinical research on automated office blood pressure (AOBP). Accurate BP measurement is key to appropriate treatment and more important than ever with the newest BP guidelines. Our protocols have been used across U of U Health system and we have also collaborated with Utah Department of Health.
  • Sepsis project which used Modified Early Warning System triggers to identify patients at high risk of clinical deterioration. Treatment was implemented using standardized protocols with earlier administration of antibiotics and decreased cost and length of stay.
  • Inpatient Hospice (GIP) Program: Created a partnership between the organization and a community hospice partner in order to improve the care of patients dying in the hospital.