Markus Amann, PhD, MS

Dr. Amann is a Professor of Anesthesiology, Theodore H. Stanley Presidential Endowed Chair in Anesthesiology, and Adjunct Professor in the Departments of Internal Medicine and Biomedical Engineering. His research focuses on the neural control of the circulation and breathing, and the etiology of central nervous system fatigue. Dr. Amann’s wor... Read More

Research Interests: Autonomic Dysfunction, Cardiovascular Physiology, Fatigue, Neurosciences

Email: markus.amann@utah.edu

Lab: Lab Website

Russell Richardson, PhD

Dr. Richardson joined the University of Utah in 2007 with joint appointments in the Department of Internal Medicine - Division of Geriatrics, and the Department of Exercise and Sport Science. He became a tenured professor in each department in 2010. Dr. Richardson directs the Utah Vascular Research Laboratory (UVRL) located at the Salt Lake VA Medi... Read More

Fellowship: University of California San Diego

Email: r.richardson@hsc.utah.edu

Joel D. Trinity, PhD

Dr. Trinity is an Associate Professor in the Department of Internal Medicine and Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Department of Nutrition and Integrative Physiology. Dr. Trinity joined the UVRL in 2009 after completing his doctoral training at The University of Texas at Austin. Utilizing an integrative approach that combines in-vivo and in-vitro ... Read More

Research Interests: Blood Flow, Cardiovascular Physiology, Endothelium, Vascular, Exercise and Aging, Hypertension, Nitric Oxide

Fellowship: George E Whalen VA Medical Center

Email: joel.trinity@utah.edu

D. Walter Wray, PhD, MSc

Dr. Wray joined the Division of Geriatrics at the University of Utah as a Research Assistant Professor in 2008. He is a founding member of the Utah Vascular Research Laboratory (www.uvrl.org), a consortium that is affiliated with the University of Utah (Departments of Internal Medicine and Nutrition and Integrative Physiology) and the Salt Lak... Read More

Research Interests: Angiotensin II, Autonomic Nervous System, Baroreflex, Endothelin-1, Endothelium, Exercise and Aging, Nitric Oxide, Oxidative Stress and Disease, Peripheral sympathetic nerve recording, Receptors, Adrenergic, alpha, Regional Blood Flow, Sympathetic Nervous System, Ultrasonography, Doppler

Email: walter.wray@hsc.utah.edu

Ryan Broxterman, Ph.D.

Ryan Broxterman, Ph.D.

Academic Bio: Dr. Broxterman joined the Utah Vascular Research Laboratory (UVRL) in 2015 with appointments in the Department of Internal Medicine Division of Geriatrics at the University of Utah and in the Geriatric, Research, Education, and Clinical Center at the Salt Lake City VA Medical Center. His integrative physiology research program focuses on the limitations to exercise tolerance and capacity in health and disease, specifically examining oxygen transport and utilization, skeletal muscle bioenergetics, the power-duration relationship, and neuromuscular fatigue. Dr. Broxterman’s research program also focuses on the impact of aging and disease on cardiovascular function and metabolism. He maintains a strong interest in the therapeutic efficacy of exercise and other interventions to prevent the long-term health consequences associated with aging and disease.

Research Interests: Oxygen transport and utilization; Skeletal muscle bioenergetics; Power-duration relationship of severe-intensity exercise; Nitric oxide biology; Vascular function; Oxidative stress and Inflammation

Fellowship: George E. Whalen VA Medical Center

Email: ryan.broxterman@utah.edu

Phone: 801-582-1565-Ext. 1999