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Medical Ethics and Humanities is a program within the Division of General Internal Medicine. Our mission is to prepare physicians to provide respectful, humane patient care, to address current ethical problems in health care through research and discussion and to engage with providers, patients, and families to resolve their ethical conflicts.  We use relevant medicine, law, moral reasoning, literature, drama, and art to inform physicians about ethical issues and prepare them to empathize and communicate compassionately.

Questionable agreement: the inter-rater reliability of major depressive disorder & its implications for quality improvement

Speaker: Abraham M. Nussbaum
Date: Nov 16, 2017

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Nov 24, 2020

Letter: Be Safe This Holiday Season

Spending time in the hospital or watching those we love suffer is never a fun experience. Especially not around the holidays. In this letter written by Dr. Gretchen Case, she shares her own personal experience with hospitals and the holidays and pleads with others to make smart and safe choices so they don't have to experience similar heartbreak. ... Read More

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Sep 22, 2020

Their Dad Died After A COVID-19 Outbreak at Work. Utah Has Made it Difficult for Them to Sue

One Utah family lost their father to COVID-19 earlier this year. Now they are seeking compensation from the company where they believed he contracted it while at work. Dr. Teneille Brown, JD, Adjunct Professor in the Division of Medical Ethics and Humanities discussed how the immunity laws signed by the Governor earlier this year shields large companies from responsibility if their employees contract COVID-19 on their premises.... Read More

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Beyond Versus by James Tabery

Beyond Versus: The Struggle the Understand the Interaction of Nature and Nurture

(Life & Mind: Philosophical Issues in Biology & Psychology)

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