School of Medicine

Internal Medicine Residency

SARS-Cov2 Pandemic

While COVID-19 has disrupted life and care in Utah like the rest of the world, the situation at the University of Utah remains stable. As cases fluctuate around the state, our training institutions have maintained adequate PPE, beds, and staffing support for caring for COVID-19 patients. Additionally, the Internal Medicine program has a robust plan in place in case of surge, including publishing our plan in the Journal of Graduate Medical Education.ppe-covid.png

In the current “chronic phase” of COVID-19, Internal Medicine residents are involved in caring for COVID-19 patients at all of our hospitals in different situations. ICU at the University of Utah Medical Center and Intermountain Medical Center, and acute floor patients at the Veteran's Affairs Medical Center. At the same time, outpatient and other non-COVID-19 rotations continue to operate. Residents are being trained in proper COVID-19 care techniques as our knowledge of this virus develops.