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The Department of Neurobiology & Anatomy is a vibrant collection of faculty and research labs dedicated to investigating development and nervous system function in health and disease. Research areas include the molecular, cellular and circuit analysis of neuronal communication and behavior, the role of gene regulation and epigenetics in development and nervous system function, and mechanisms of disease.

We are committed to graduate and postdoctoral training, emphasizing research excellence and professional development. We also also boast a strong tradition of leadership in health sciences education and scholarship. The department is an integral part of campus-wide neuroscience and developmental biology communities.


The department is seeking an outstanding scientist for a tenure track faculty position. We are interested in candidates who are using multidisciplinary approaches to understand brain disease, with a particular focus on neurodegeneration and disorders associated with aging. The department offers excellent resources to support new faculty, including active faculty mentoring, and a highly collegial and collaborative environment. To learn more and apply, go to:


We are very pleased to welcome two new faculty to the department:

Moriel and Jim

  • Dr. Moriel Zelikowsky combines her expertise in animal behavior and systems neuroscience towards investigating the neural circuitry and molecular mechanisms underlying stress, anxiety and social behavior.
  • Dr. Jim Heys utilizes in vivo optical imaging techniques to uncover the synaptic and cellular mechanisms that underlie the brain’s ability to form and recall episodic memories.


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Faculty Highlight: Chris Gregg

Chris Gregg
Christopher Gregg is Associate Professor of Neurobiology & Anatomy and Human Genetics. His lab is developing new technologies and approaches to discover how the genome creates complex behavioral traits and is elucidating new mechanisms and concepts that contribute to brain disorders and diseases. Read more

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