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Neurobiology Diversity and Inclusion

Statement and Plan

Diversity Statement

The Department of Neurobiology is committed to promoting a diverse and inclusive environment. We believe that diversity spurs innovation and discovery and that our department is enriched by the unique perspectives of each member.

We seek to provide an inclusive workplace, where all feel comfortable and valued. The department does not tolerate acts of discrimination, including but not limited to those on the basis of race, ethnicity, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, ability, religious affiliation, socioeconomic status, or other aspects of identity.

We further acknowledge that opportunities in science have not historically been accessible to all. We have an obligation to ensure careers within the department are open to all and aim to promote an increasingly diverse scientific community in which people of color are active and respected participants.

Diversity Plan

Promoting diversity and inclusion is an active process, which will be led by the department’s Diversity and Inclusion Action Committee (DIAC). DIAC’s mission is threefold:

  1. Continually evaluate the department’s progress toward creating a diverse and supportive environment for its members from underrepresented groups.

  2. Develop active mechanisms to recruit and nurture diverse scientists.

  3. Identify and implement ways for the department to help improve diversity in the larger scientific community.

Specific efforts to improve representation and inclusivity are under constant development. For more information on these efforts, please see the DIAC tab.