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Diversity and Inclusivity Action Committee (DIAC)

Diversity and Inclusivity Action Committee (DIAC)


DIAC held its 1st annual Diversity and Inclusion Survey in August. There were some very positive responses, with some key areas to work on including:

  1. Diversity playing a greater role in recruiting/hiring
    The department is in the process of creating a strategy and identifying key targets for the next faculty hiring round. The department is also working with the School of Medicine in this regard. The Rising Stars Symposium (details on resource page) is targeting advanced graduate students in 2021, to increase diversity in the recruiting/hiring process of future postdocs.
  2. Department-wide anti-racism, discrimination, harassment and bullying training.
    In association with the Office of Equal Opportunity (OEO) at the University of Utah, the department will have a training afternoon on 11th Dec. An OEO training specialist will explain how the OEO works, what happens when individuals have issues, complaints or need someone to talk and training opportunities they provide. This will be followed by a broad training session covering discrimination, harassment and bullying and the Universities policies around these issues.
  3. Outreach opportunities within the community
  4. Increased department-wide communication (townhalls) about progress, including regular progress updates from DIAC.
    Specific efforts to improve representation and inclusivity are under constant development. For more information on these efforts, please see the Resources and Events tab.