Friday, October 22, 2021

Provider/CME Course

Time Topic Speaker
7:308:00 AM Registration
8:008:10 AM Welcome Remarks Melisa Cortez, DO
8:108:55 AM Postural Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS): Improving Diagnosis and Recognition TBA
8:559:40 AM Introduction to Autonomic Failure and Small Fiber Neuropathies TBA
9:409:55 AM BREAK
9:5510:40 AM Recurrent Syncope, Sick Sinue Syndrome, and IST Satish Raj, MD
10:4011:25 AM Comorbidities: Headache, Chronic Pain, and Joint Hypermobility in Dysautonomia Glen A. Cook, MD
11:25 AM 12:20 PM LUNCH BREAK
12:201:05 PM Diagnosis and Management of Gastrointestinal Symptoms in Dysautonomia Laura Pace, MD, PhD
1:051:50 PM Immunological Issues in Dysautonomia: Autoimmunity and Mast Cell Activation Brent P. Goodman, MD
1:502:05 PM BREAK
2:052:50 PM Non-Pharmacologic Treatment Pearls Craig A. Coleby, MD
2:503:35 PM Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation in POTS Chris Harper, DPT
3:354:10 PM Clinical Pearls in the Pharmacologic Treatment of Autonomic Failure and Dysautonomia TBA
4:104:50 PM Special Considerations in Rehabilitation for POTS: Joint Hypermobility, Post-Concussion TBA
4:505:05 PM Patient Experience Moderated by Drs. Coleby, Cook, Cortez, and Pace
5:055:45 PM Expert Q&A: What Are Your Challenges and What's Not Working? Moderated by Drs. Coleby, Cook, Cortez, and Pace

Saturday, October 23, 2021

Advance Topics: Breakfast Symposium (Optional Registration)

Time Topic Speaker
7:308:30 AM Abdominal Vascular Syndromes - MALS, Nutcracker, Mesenteric Ischemia
8:30–9:30 AM CSF Leak/Orthostatic Headaches
9:30–10:30 AM Cardiac Challenges: Arrythmias, Pacemakers

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