Many commercial labs allow shipment of biopsies in aqueous-based fixatives. Up to 40% of these biopsies freeze in shipment, resulting in freezing damage artifact and substantial loss of nerve fibers.

Losing nerve fibers may lead to a false diagnosis of peripheral neuropathy.

FinalFix is a proprietary formula specifically formulated to eliminate shipping damage during shipment.

Benefits of FinalFix

Benefits of FinalFix include:

  • Protect your patient samples
  • A solution that fixes & cryoprotects samples in ONE easy step
  • Same day shipping without compromising sample quality
  • cutaneousNeuropathy

  • cutaneousNormal - Frozen in fix*

  • cutaneousNormal - Frozen in FinalFix**

    No nerve fiber loss

Our laboratory fixative, tested over time, allows centers to safely ship biopsies in fixative, without freezing damage artifact.
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