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Class of 2022

Name Interests Projects
Sonesh Amin Vascular

Neurocritical Care

Carotic Dissection Criteria

RD's with Dr. Adam de Havenon

Peripheral Vasopressor Trial
Raeann Bourscheid Vascualr
Spark Clark Palliative Sign-Out Quality Improvememt Project
Anish Deschmukh Vascular

Neurocritical Care
Matthew Jensen Advocacy Policy Work
Dan Nguyen Vascular

Class of 2021

Name Interests Projects
Francisca Ahn Epilepsy Understanding Cramps and Fasiculations in ALS

Validity study utilizing Brain Sentinel Monitoring and Alerting (SPEAC) System (non-EEG) to understand periodicity of catamenial epilepsy and its use for future studies

Quality improvement project to develop an Epic tab to display comprehensive data to increase efficiency, minimize errors and overall improve patient care

Quality improvement project in collaboration with Internal Medicine Dept. to investigate lab ordering practices of the neurology & neurosurgery departments to minimize lab orders, improve lab utilization and increase cost effectiveness

Case report: Use of lacosamide as alternative treatment for myotonia

Case report: Isopropyl alcohol intake and super-refractory status epilepticus
Christine Cliatt-Brown Cognitive Systematic review of emergency surgical intervention for refractory status epilepticus with Dr. Newman and Dr. Rolston

Sphenopalatine Ganglion Block for Post-Stroke Headache: Reducing Opioid Use and Recurrent Emergency Department Visits

Review Paper for Current Pain and Headache, "Unusual Headahches in Pediatrics"
Jenny Lord Neuro Autoimmune Case series on individuals with neuro sarcoidosis

Glioblastoma Presenting as Limbic Encephalitis
Kendra Pham Headache Swartwood S, Pham K, Candee MS (In Review) Pediatric migraine phenomena and variants - don't let them go over your head. Current Pain and Headache Reports.
Ryan Slabaugh General Quality Improvement project on Encephalopathy

Oral Paresthesias leading to Palatal Paralysis as a Primary Symptom in GQ1b Antibody Syndrome
Dana Sugar Movement Disorders Presentation of an Autoiummune Neurology case report at 2019 AAN Annual Meeting

Adult Acute Hemorrhagic Leukoencephalitis: Role of Susceptability-Weighted Imaging in Diagnosis and Importance of Aggressive Early Immunotherapy

Case report: Orthostatic tremor treated with DBS

Case report: Recurrent AIDP in a pediatric patient

Neuropsychological testing in the diagnosis of DLB - retrospective review of Gift to Life autopsy database

Class of 2020

Name Interests Projects
Preston Erickson Neuromuscular Medicine

Cost-effective comparison between residents and mid-level providers

Autonomic function and Multiple Sclerosis related fatigue

Institutional Value of Neurology Residents
Knut Hoversten Vascular Neurology Acute hemorrhagic leukoencephalitis (AHL)

Expansion of Free Open Access Meducation-FOAM - to Inpatient Neurology and Neurocritical Care
Brian Johnson Vascular Neurology

Relationship between stroke risk and blood pressure variability

Antiepileptic Treatment Outcomes for Critically Ill Patients with Encephalopathy and Generalized Periodic Discharges with Triphasic Morphology

Predicting progression from Prediabetes to Diabetes in Acute Stroke and Myocardial Infarction: A Quality Improvement Project
Jamie McDonald Neuro Autoimmune Movement Disorders Associated with Systemic Autoimmunity

Cognitive Outcomes in Children with Immune-Mediated Neurological Disease
Kellie Nelson Neuromuscular Medicine

Introduction to Retrospective, Cohort Study Evaluating Correlation Bewteen Seizure Frequency and Day Light Saving's Time

Fatal Stain-Induced Rhabdomyolysis by Possible Interaction with Palbociclib
Jason Poon Neuro Autoimmune Case report on Addison's Disease mimicking CVID

Cognitive outcomes in individuals with autoimmune CNS disease

A 30-year-old male with Recurrent Encephalopathy, Fever, Nausea and Vomiting

Class of 2019

Name Interests Projects
Walter Baehr Palliative Care Neurology Chart review to evaluate the uses of advanced directives in outpatient neurology clinics
Abdurahman Elkhetali Neurocritical Care PMID: 27554527
Michael Hunter Neuromuscular Disorders

Quality of Life
Manuscript comparing quality of life surveys between children with childhood onset myotonic dystrophy

Manuscript reporting patient reported symptoms in limb-girdle muscular dystrophyStudy investigating comorbidities among carriers of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy using the Utah Population Database

MID: 27771037, 27854231, 29266294, 30143566
Osama Jamil Vascular Neurology PMID: 27113401
Tyler Kaplan Autoimmune Neurology

Neuro-infectious Disease
Quality improvement project regarding the inpatient encephalitis order set presented at the 2019 AAN Annual Meeting

Manuscript on chronic cryptococcal meningitis
Clark Moser Neuromuscular Medicine

Post-Traumatic Headache


Resident Wellness
Quality improvement project addressing resident burnout
Matthew Smith-Cohn Neuro-Oncology Case report of anaplastic large cell lymphoma associated anti-DPPX encephalitis and bilateral recurrent dysplastic cerebellar gangliocytoma in Cowden Syndrome

Manuscript describing the utility of next generation sequencing in primary brain tumors

Case series on BRAF alterations in adult gloma patients

PMID: 28281173

Class of 2018

Jonathan Galli - PMID: 28623539, 28432047, 28102519

Class of 2017

Verena Haringer - PMID: 27769981

Donald McCorquodale - PMID: 27906666, 27598246

DonRaphael Wynn - PMID: 28167626, 27957548, 27598246

Projects by Faculty

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Name Division Projects
Lee Chung, MD Vascular Neurology Current Projects:

Minimally invasive detection of spreading depolarizations in NCC patients with ECoG monitors

Prevalence of spreading depolarizations on scalp EEG in Neuro patients (seizure, stroke, encephalitis)

Anesthesia effects on spreading depolarizations in the NCC

Clinical exam changes with spreading depolarizations in neurosurgical patients

Intraoperative optical imaging of spreading depolarizations in neurosurgical patients
Melissa Cortez, DO Diagnostic & Clinical Current Projects:

Autonomic dysfunction in persistent post-concussive syndrome/PTH

MS related fatigue mechanisms

Potential Projects:

Allodynia in chronic migraine: predicting Botox treatment responsiveness

Validations of novel pupillary testing for use in autonomic neuropathy

Validation of a new Photophobia Impact questionnaire for migraine

Imaging in acute complicated migraine: are there DTI and vessel wall changes?

Dementia with Lewy Bodies: frequency of subclinical autonomic dysfunction

Blood pressure variability in stroke outcomes

Characterization of headache phenotypes in POTS

Effect of CGRP medications on autonomic symptom burden in chronic migraine

Effect of CGRP medications on autonomic symptom burden in POTS

Chromatic differences in impaired pupillary light reflexes and light sensitivity in chronic migraine

Pupillary dysfunction in POTS
Adam de Havenon, MD Vascular Neurology Current Projects:

Vessel wall MRI - prospective and retrospective research projects involving vessel wall MRI and patients with atherosclerotic stroke or aneurysms

Blood pressure variability - prospective and retrospective research projects in patients with stroke

DTI and stroke recovery - tracking axonal pathways in the brain of several hundred stroke patients compared to recovery
Ligia Onofrei, MD Neuromuscular Medicine Current Projects:

Improving residents' interpretation of electrodiagnostic studies
Angela Peters, MD Epilepsy Current Projects:

Periodic Discharges with Triphasic Morphology in Continuous EEG and Their Place in the Ictal-Interictal Continuum

Does Seizure Frequency Increase During Daylight Savings Time Transitions?

Impact of SPEAC® System data on therapeutic decisions related to convulsive seizure patients with a new diagnosis