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Based on attendee feedback from our 2018 meeting, many attendees requested more information pertaining to spinal nonsurgical and surgical procedures and brain tumor treatment plans and research. We are developing the agenda to meet the learning needs of our attendees. We would like to make a special request to you for abstracts on these topics.

Presentations must give a balanced view of therapeutic options. Use of generic names will contribute to this impartiality. If the CME educational material or content includes trade names, where available trade names from several companies should be used, not just trade names from a single company.

Please note: Commercial bias in any CME activity is an important and timely issue.

In order for your abstract to be considered for review, please return your completed Disclosure of Financial Relationships Form with your abstract submission!

How to Submit

  • Submit abstract online by CLICKING HERE or download  [pdf] ABSTRACT FORM and return to address below.
  • Please keep your abstract brief (one page).  It will be copied, AS IS, and made into booklets for your packets.
  • If you do not list your special audio/visual needs prior to the meeting, we will be unable to
    accommodate you at the time of the meeting.
  • Talks are 20 minutes in length followed by a 5 minute discussion period.
  • Submit BEFORE January 10, 2019! 

If submitting by mail or email, please send abstract to:

Randy Jensen, MD, PhD
175 North Medical Drive East
Salt Lake City, Utah 84132-2303



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