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Dear Applicants,

Thank you for your interest in the OB/GYN Residency Program at the University of Utah!  We love this program, our colleagues, and our home at the foot of the towering Wasatch Front mountains. Just one year ago we were in your shoes, searching for a place that would be the perfect fit for us. We can’t wait to show you why we selected Utah to call home.

Utah stood out from the beginning for its strong community both inside and outside of the hospital. Our co-residents were immediately warm and welcoming, eager to include us in a group defined by its selflessness, authenticity, and passion. Our senior residents have already been both confidants and mentors, leading by example and offering calm, confident support during the many “firsts” of intern year. They have also consistently impressed us with their skillful and compassionate bedside manner: the floor never seems too busy to neglect talking an anxious woman through a pelvic exam or patiently navigating the questions and emotions of a painful diagnosis. Our peers are deeply involved in community, research, advocacy and public health work, all while living active, exciting lives outside of the hospital. Although we work hard in this program—really hard—we also have fun! On the deck you can find us planning gourmet grilled-cheese sandwich parties with nurses or doing team squatting exercises (followed by abundant amounts of chocolate) at 2 AM while on night float. Outside of the hospital we are in each other’s living rooms laughing, taking our dogs on walks through the canyon, planning ski trips and having BBQs with our partners and children. The residents here are family. We trust each other, sacrifice for each other and are genuinely happy when our colleagues succeed.

We have truly incredible faculty here at the “U”. Many are world-renowned experts in their field who have thoughtful, approachable teaching styles and regularly engage with residents in both formal and informal settings. They are undoubtedly an entertaining cast of characters with passionate and endearing personalities, dedicated to resident education and compassionate patient care. They treat us as colleagues, are quick to share a laugh, and provide ample opportunities to participate in high-impact research projects. We also interact with a number of beloved and impressive fellows (really more like junior attendings) who are some of the strongest advocates for, not detractors from, resident experiences and procedures.

The University of Utah is a regional medical center serving a five state catchment area, meaning we get referrals for many of the highest-acuity cases from the most resource-poor settings in the Intermountain West. The culture of the area lends itself to high obstetrical volume and a distinctive tendency for women to push the boundaries of what is considered a “safe pregnancy”. As such we have a national reputation for excellence and leadership in Maternal Fetal Medicine and boast of world-renowned databases such as the Intermountain Health Network and Maternal Fetal Medicine Unit Network. Although it may come as a surprise, Salt Lake City is also home to a sizeable immigrant and refugee population, many of whom get their care at the University Hospital. Postpartum rounds are made all the more colorful while trying to track down a Nepalese, Bengali, Somali, or Rhohingya interpreter before board sign-out. Residents also volunteer their services in a monthly clinic for the uninsured and homeless of Salt Lake City, as well as participate in a required rural medicine rotation. All of these factors contribute to a high-volume, high-acuity training setting with some of the highest surgical numbers in the country, perfect for both aspiring generalists or sub-specialty trained OBGYNs. Oh, and who can forget Utah’s five national parks, the mountains literally in our backyard, world-class skiing, and endless food and breweries? Utah really has it all.

We hope you will consider exploring Utah and the many opportunities here! Can’t wait to meet you on the interview trail!


Leah, Sarah, Lea, Susan, Morgan and Chelsey
The Utah OBGYN Intern Class of 2019

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