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Dear Applicants,

Thank you for your interest in the OBGYN Residency Program at the University of Utah!  We love this program, our colleagues and our home in the Wasatch Valley.  Just one year ago we were in your shoes, searching for a place that would be the perfect fit for us. We can’t wait to show you why we selected Utah to call home.

Utah stood out from the beginning for its strong community both inside and outside of the hospital. Our co-residents are warm, brilliant, and welcoming people that we look up to as mentors and confidants helping to guide us through our training.  We can always count on our senior residents to support and challenge us, always pushing us to the next milestone. Our peers are deeply involved in the community, in research, advocacy and public health work, and live active exciting lives outside the hospital. They are incredibly motivating and inspiring to work with, and make our days in the hospital fun and energetic. Not only do we love our time together on the deck, we are lucky to have each other as friends. We are together for the daily grind and the once in a lifetime moments- you can find us on Friday night in each other’s living rooms laughing, after work going for a dog walk, and will move mountains to be present for a wedding or birthday.

Every day we are surrounded by truly incredible faculty. We are lucky to receive teaching on daily rounds from world experts in their fields, who are thoughtful educators and passionate clinicians who respect and engage with us as colleagues. We are encouraged to critically examine the system we work in, and imagine how we can shape and improve it.  Our faculty is even richer with the contributions from our fellows, who serve as our junior attendings. The fellows we work with are just as impressive and talented as our faculty. They are incredible teachers and are our strongest advocates making us feel honored to learn from the newest generation of OBGYNs.

We have unparalleled opportunities to work with our faculty on research, or grow and develop research projects of our own. At the University of Utah we have unique support through the Obstetrics and Gynecology Research Network  (OGRN).  Through them, we not only have a dedicated research staff to support us, but we also work in and have access to incredible databases like the Intermountain Health Network and the Maternal Fetal Medicine Unit Network.  Recent resident research projects have been published in the Green Journal, presented and national conferences including SMFM, and are truly changing practice.

The University of Utah is a regional medical center, serving a 5 state catchment area so we work hard at the hospital, and will graduate with some of the strongest training in the country. We are lucky to be in an environment where we love who we work with and what we do. When we are outside the hospital we’re surrounding by unparalleled access to the outdoors, with the opportunity to hike and run, ski, bike, rock climbing, and enjoy Utah’s beauty just moments from the hospital parking lot.  Salt Lake City is an exciting city, with endless food and culture to explore including breweries, food trucks, outdoor concerts, as well as a well known symphony and ballet.

We hope you’ll consider exploring Utah and the opportunities here, and can’t wait to meet you on the interview trail!


Asha, Katie, Meredith, Amy, Kurt, and Alyson

The Utah OBGYN Intern Class of 2016

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