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Diverse Freshman Students

Health Sciences LEAP is a program addressing the growing need for minority applicants to Health Sciences programs. In conjunction with undergraduate studies, this program assists diverse students entering as freshmen who have an interest in pharmacy, nursing, medicine, or health. The Health Sciences LEAP Programs support students through academic and personal advising, and offer program activities where they can meet other diverse students interested in Health Sciences.


Students are recruited from several programs with large minority populations including:

  • Future Doctors
  • High School Recruitment - Admission Interest Referrals
  • High School Recruitment – Ambassador Program
  • MESA
  • Summer Laboratory Research Program
  • Individual Health Sciences Efforts

Mentoring & Advisory

Prior to their first year at university, each student is evaluated and a suggested schedule is provided. Students are required to enroll in the Health Sciences Leap Seminar in both fall and spring semesters. Writing 1010 or 2010, American Institutions and math are often suggested in the first semester while the second semester often includes biology, anatomy, and further math.

Students receive support from the HS Leap program’s faculty and peer advisor. Students have opportunities to shadow health professionals, meet current health sciences students and to attend activities with health sciences focus. The second year of HS Leap is dedicated to exploring health professions and preparing for a research experience. The third year is a paid research placement and seminar where students learn about the research paradigm and how to present research in a paper and visual display. The fourth year emphasizes higher education and community, with students designing and implementing their own community partnerships.

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Academic Program Manager, Health Equity & Inclusion
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