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The Vision of Art & the Art of Vision

The BloombergsImagine giving a large gift to a charitable organization. What would be your most important hope for that gift? At the Moran Eye Center, we believe our donors deserve excellent stewardship for every gift they give. Stewardship is the process of acknowledging, managing, and reporting charitable gifts after they are given. We believe our special donors expect us to manage and protect their gifts, ensuring that they will outlast their lifetime. This principle is illustrated by a generous gift from John and Toni Bloomberg to the Moran Eye Center.

The old cliché, "You don’t appreciate what you have until it’s gone," has special meaning for John and Toni Bloomberg. It is the reason for the couple‘s generosity to the Moran Eye Center. John Bloomberg almost lost his vision.

This thoughtful gift is one of literally thousands of special donations we could spotlight. Many donors who have made the Moran Eye Center possible. We are grateful to all those who funded this special place to work, do research, educate, and serve patients and the community. We reaffirm our promise to properly steward each gift we receive.