Residency Program Director

Jeff Pettey
Jeff Pettey, MD

A vibrant spirit of camaraderie and innovation defines our training program and exemplifies our trainees. We enjoy an active learning environment in world-class facilities surrounded by spectacular natural beauty. We pride ourselves in helping trainees exceed their goals and realize their full potential as clinicians, surgeons, and future leaders.

Moran Residents are colleagues and regarded members of our teams. We seek out resident feedback allowing trainees to enjoy an active role shaping and individualizing their education. This collaborative environment keeps us on the cutting edge of curriculum innovation and training like our IPAD productivity program. We provide trainees with IPADs and apps to facilitate productivity, communication, and training innovation. Lectures, surgical videos, learning resources, and communication are simple and convenient.

We are well known for surgical volumes and training. Residents benefit from a well-established tradition of producing skillfully trained, elegant surgeons. Our comprehensive surgical curriculum includes innovative 3D surgical simulation, wet labs, and supervised surgical experience. Most importantly we enjoy an inviting supportive culture where training occupies a prominent role in our mission.

Moran Residents are encouraged to prepare for future careers by pursing their passions during training. Research, leadership, and international and local outreach opportunities abound along with world-renowned faculty mentors to guide early careers. Chief Residents enjoy two full months of elective time to allow trainees a tailored education experience. All trainees can participate in multi-week international ophthalmology experiences. Past trainees have experienced Nepal, India, Vietnam, Ghana, El Salvador and more.

Research pursuits are encouraged and supported during training. We are blessed with an abundance of research opportunities whether your goal is clinical fellowship training or preparation for a K grant. Funding is available through the generosity of the ARCS Foundation allowing for up to $15,000 dollars of research support per residency class.

Finally we are surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty. “Work Hard/Play Hard” is more than a saying; it is a way of life. From Utah’s five national parks to the World-class skiing minutes from clinic, Salt Lake City will be a destination for your family and friends during your training. Salt Lake City international airport is a major airline hub and enjoys direct flights to major metropolitan areas. We welcome you to visit our program, and experience our training.

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