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Weekly Conferences

All residents participate in four hours of didactic conferences led by the faculty each week.  Department-wide Grand Rounds is every Wednesday morning followed by one hour of didactics. Friday mornings start with a two-hour didactic session.

The didactic sessions include a 10-week lecture series from each of the disciplines within orthopaedic surgery in a rotating two-year curriculum. They also include an eight-week cadaver anatomy session, a summer trauma series, an OITE review and a number of lectures on related topics such as financial awareness, orthopaedic practice options, medico-legal aspects of practice, relationships with industry and life outside of practice.

Residency alumni Ben Widmer, Bill Gowski, and Josh Hickman talk with the residents about starting practice.

Each orthopaedic service also has 1-2 hours of conference each week for residents on that particular service commonly consisting of preoperative case review, postoperative case review, journal club and advanced topics within the particular discipline.

The department holds monthy journal club for all residents led by faculty.

Each discipline within orthopaedics hosts a nationally recognized Visiting Professor to give grand rounds and one didactic session to the department. The visitor also has an evening case review with the residents to informally discuss cases and topics of interest.

National & International Conferences

Residents Lucas Marchand and Daniel Jones presenting at AAOS 2018

Residents are required to attend outside conferences during PGY-2 through PGY-5 years. Attendance at conferences is covered by an educational stipend:
   PGY-2: AO Fracture Basic
   PGY-3: Non-industry educational course
   PGY-4: Subspecialty Society course
   PGY-5: American Academic of Orthopaedic Surgery Annual Meeting

In addition to the yearly conferences listed above, residents are encouraged to present research at other relevant conferences. When the resident presents their research at additional conferences the department covers the travel and attendance costs.

Every year the department hosts an Alumni Reception at AAOS. All resident alumni are invited each year to attend and reconnect at the reception.

Example Schedule - 10 Week Rotations - Specifics May Vary

Rotation        1 Rotation        2 Rotation        3 Rotation        4 Rotation        5
PGY5 Sports Trauma VA Joints Pediatrics
PGY4 Foot/Ankle Hand Trauma Spine Sports
PGY3 VA Spine Joints Hand Sarcoma
PGY2 Foot/Ankle Float Sports Pediatrics Trauma
PGY1 12 different 1 month rotations during the first year

PGY1 Intern - 1 Month Rotation Example

July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb March April May June
Vascular Surgery General Surg Trauma Ortho Trauma Medicine Consult Plastic Surgery VAMC Ortho Ortho Trauma Ortho Spine Sports Ortho Peds MSK Radiology SICU

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