Med Students

Service Learning Graduation

To better help you understand the required community service learning component of your curriculum or if the information is not listed or unclear, please contact our office.

Due to requests we have received from faculty members, medical students should be aware that being involved in community service Learning during class time does not excuse you from attending class. The Office of Inclusion and Outreach supports the faculty in their academic duties and encourages students to comply with faculty requirements.


Participating in service learning enhances cultural competence among students and practitioners through education and awareness. It creates strong bonds between diverse Utah communities and the School of Medicine. It is the intention of the Office of Inclusion and Outreach (OIO) to encourage healthy, positive lifestyles, while increasing awareness of medical and health professions. OIO sponsors a number of programs designed to fulfill these goals.

Volunteer Service Hours

The volunteer service graduation requirement is a minimum of 32 hours in OIO authorized programs. These programs provide opportunities to work with a variety of diverse communities throughout Utah.

  • K-12 Outreach Programs
  • OIO Premed Programs
  • Community Outreach Programs
  • Clinical Opportunities


Contact Melanie Hooten.

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