MCAT Summer Scholars Program

Summer MCAT Prep

The School of Medicine held its first annual Summer Preparation Program for the MCAT in April 2001. With its amazing success, we have continued to offer the program for students preparing for medical school. The program assesses each participant’s application needs and places students in either a research or clinical position for the summer.

Included Kaplan Course & Writing Seminar

Also included in the program is a Kaplan Course which reviews physics, general chemistry, organic chemistry, biology, verbal reasoning, and math. Students have supplemental instruction to augment the Kaplan Course from a qualified tutor, as well as a group study and access to test banks and practice exams. To ensure readiness for the application for medical school, all students participate in a professional writing seminar that focuses on personal statements.


Because the program is full-time, participants will receive a stipend.

More Information

Contact Melanie Hooten at 801-587-7672 for more information.



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