Medical Laboratory Sciences, BS

The bachelor of science program with medical laboratory science emphasis is a "2+2" curriculum in which pre-MLS students complete two years of prerequisite science and general education courses, followed by two years of professional courses at the University of Utah School of Medicine, and clinical laboratory facilities in the community. For additional information, please contact an MLS advisor at

Master of Science in Laboratory Medicine and Biomedical Science

The master of science program is primarily a research track that also emphasizes scientific data review and interpretation, communication, and technical writing skills. Students choose an area or specialization in a clinical or research laboratory to complete their research project and thesis. Please email for questions or additional information.

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For additional information:

MLS Program Advisors Administrative Assistant
School of Medicine, Room 5R472
Phone: 801-581-7913

Contact the MLS Office (801-581-7913) regarding late Undergraduate Applications