School of Medicine

Medical Laboratory Sciences


Curriculum Requirements

The basic requirements of the program include completion of a minimum of 30 semester hours, including 18 hours of core courses, six to ten hours of thesis research, and six to nine hours of approved electives. Students must maintain at least a 3.0 grade point average. Students may be required to repeat courses for which they receive a grade below B-.

Following the first year of coursework, the student must successfully pass a comprehensive examination that is administered by the thesis advisory committee. This exam will aid the committee in determining if the student has learned sufficiently from his/her coursework and is adequately prepared to pursue and complete the research project. Under the guidance of a thesis advisor (chair of thesis committee) the student must complete a laboratory research project involving original research. This research will be reported in a thesis, and the student will defend the thesis research before the advisory committee.

International Students

International students may also be required to successfully pass English language courses. These courses will be determined after evaluation by the English Language Institute and consultation with the MS program administrators. English language courses will NOT count toward the 30 credit hours necessary for the master’s degree.

Full-Time vs. Part-Time

A minimum of nine (9) credit hours is considered full-time. International students and students receiving funding that applies to tuition waivers must be registered for a minimum of nine credit hours each semester.

Students are allowed to participate in the program on a part-time basis. A minimum of three credit hours must be taken each semester. The graduate school has a time limit of four years for the completion of the master’s degree requirements.

Core Courses & Suggested Electives

Core Courses

PATH 5030 (Spring/3 credit hrs)
 Basic Immunology
 This is a survey course covering the basic principles in Immunology. Students should have some exposure to biochemistry, modern genetics, and cell biology. The final third of the course will feature clinical and experimental topics in Immunology with lectures provided by faculty directly involved in the particular area.

PATH 6510 (Spring, half semester/2 credit hrs)
 Laboratory Correlation
Correlation of disease states and laboratory data; requirements include term paper, presentation, and evaluation of journal articles and current literature.

PATH 6520 (Spring/ 1-3 credit hrs) Students work with specific faculty members to learn new technologies, enhance skills and experience, explore in-depth topics, engage in research.

PATH 6810 (Fall/1 credit hr)
 Graduate Seminar
Emphasis is on use of Pub Med and literature searches, technical writing and presentation, and evaluation of applied and basic research data.

PATH 6830 (Spring/3 credit hrs)
 Research Orientation
Students work in the research laboratory of a selected faculty member. The project is defined prior to the beginning of the semester. Research techniques, design, and data acquisition are emphasized.

PATH 6900 (Fall/4 credit hrs) 
Techniques of Biochemical Analysis in Laboratory Medicine
Current and future techniques used in research and diagnostic medicine are covered, including basic technique principles, instrumentation, and clinical applications.

PATH 6970 (Fall, Spring, Summer) Thesis Research MS
Research in laboratory towards preparation of master’s thesis. (Six to 10 credit hours required; minimum 6 required)

Electives (Fall, Spring, Summer) Students select electives based on interest and in consultation with the thesis committee and program director.

Biology 5110 – Molecular Biology/Genetic Engineering (3 credits)

Biological Chemistry 6400 – Genetic Engineering (2 credits) for 7.5 weeks

            *Prerequisite: BIOL 3510 or equivalent

BLCHM 6410 – Protein and Nucleic Acid Biochemistry (3)(cross listed as MBIOL 6410)

            *Prerequisite: BIOL 3510 or equivalent

BLCHM 6400 – Genetic Engineering (2) Prerequisite BIOL 3510 or equivalent

Ed Psych 6010 – Intro to Research Design and Ed Stats (3 credits)

FPMD 6100 – Biostatistics I (3 credits)

            *Recommended Prerequisite: College Algebra

FPMD 6300 – Epidemiology I (3 credits)

FPMD 6500 – Introduction to Public Health (3 credits)

FPMD 6502 – International Public Health Issues (3 credits)

Health Promotion & Educ 5050 – Health Concerns in the Developing World (3 credits)

HGEN 6350 – Clinical Epidemiology (1 credit)

*Prerequisite: genetic counseling students or permission of instructor

MDLB 5100 – Introduction to Educational Methodology (1 credit) 7 weeks

MST 6010 – Business Fundamentals for Scientists (3 credits)

Pathology 5050 - Mechanisms of Bacterial Pathogenesis (2 credits - spring semester)

Pathology 5535 – Principles and Applications in Molecular Diagnostics (3 credits)

Pathology 6000 – Medical Immunology (2 credits – begins middle of March; permission req.)

Pathology 6040 – Medical Microbiology (4 credits – begins middle of March; permission req.)

Pathology 6410 – Molecular Virology (? Credits; half semester course)

Pathology 6520 – Special Topics (1-3 credits)

Pathology 6930 – Directed Readings (1-2 credits)

Pathology 7360 – Advanced Immunology (3 credits) for last 5 weeks

UGS 6000- Teaching in Higher Education (3 credits)

            *Prerequisite: Graduate or post-graduate standing

WRTG 6000 – Writing for Publication (2 credits)

            *Prerequisite: Graduate standing or Instructor’s consent

Pathology 5050 – Mechanisms of Bacterial Pathogenesis (spring semester)

Sample Curriculum
Year 1
Fall Semester
PATH 6810 Graduate Seminar 1
PATH 6750 Pathophysiology 4
PATH 5030 Basic Immunology 3
MDLB 5130 Laboratory Management 1
Total Credit Hours 9
Spring Semester
Required PATH 6510 Laboratory Correlation 2
PATH 6830 Research Orientation 3
PATH 6900 Techniques in Biochemical Analysis 4
Total Credit Hours 9
Summer Term (Optional)
PATH 6930 Directed Readings 1-2
PATH 6970 Thesis Research 3
Total Credit Hours 1-3
Year 2 & Year 3
PATH 6970 Thesis Research 6-10
Electives 6-9
Total Credit Hours varies per semester