Faculty & Research Interest

  • Edward R. Ashwood, MD, Professor, Fetal-lung maturity and prenatal testing
  • Pinar Bayrak-Toydemir, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor, Molecular genetics characteristics of Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia
  • Phillip Bernard, MD, Medical Director, Molecular Pathology
  • Mary Bronner, MD, Director, Anatomic Pathology & Oncology
  • Karen Brown, MS, MT (ASCP), Professor, Hematology; hemostasis; education
  • Rebecca Buxton, MS, MT (ASCP), Associate Professor, Clinical Microbiology; education
  • Brian Collins, MD, Professor, Fine needle aspiration biopsy diagnosis
  • Judy A. Daly, PhD, Professor, Diagnostic techniques in clinical microbiology
  • Julio Delgado, MD, MS, Associate Professor, Immunology
  • JoAnn P. Fenn, MS, MT (ASCP), Professor, Clinical microbiology; clinical mycology; education
  • Mark Fisher, PhD, Assistant Professor, Microbial genetics/microbial pathogenesis
  • Elizabeth Frank, PhD, Assistant Professor, Catacholamines and Vitamins
  • Robert S. Fujinami, PhD, Professor, Neurovirology, Neuroimmunology
  • Harry Hill, MD, Professor, Groups A and B Streptococcus immunodeficiency
  • David R. Hillyard, MD, Associate Professor, Bacterial gene regulation and chromosome structure
  • Peter Jensen, MD, Professor, Immunology, immune regulation, and autoimmunity
  • Jerry Kaplan, PhD, Professor, Cell biology and immunology
  • Chris Lehman, MD, Associate Professor, Validation and Outcomes in Laboratory Testing
  • Lilly H. Liu-Wu, PhD, Research Associate Professor, Lipids and lipoproteins as risk factors for coronary heart disease
  • Elaine Lyon, PhD, Assistant Professor, Medical genetics
  • Rong Mao, MD, Assistant Professor, Medical genetics
  • Matthew Mulvey, PhD, Assistant Professor, Microbial pathogenesis, E. coli.
  • Marzia Pasquali, PhD, Associate Professor, Metabolic Disorders
  • Sherrie L. Perkins, MD, PhD, Professor, Macrophage differentiation, osteoclast differentiation, and function
  • Vicente Planelles, PhD, Associate Professor, HIV
  • Alan Rockwood, PhD, Associate Professor, Mass spectrometry
  • June Round, PhD, Assistant Professor, Understanding how commensal bacteria shape host immune system development and responses
  • Robert Schlaberg, MD, Medical Director, Microbial Amplified Detection & Virology Laboratories.
  • Shashirekha Shetty, PhD, Assistant Professor, Breast cancer research, chromosome abnormalities in cancer cytogenetics
  • Robert Schmidt, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor, Director of Center of Evidence-Basked Diagnostic Research
  • Patricia Slev, PhD, Associate Professor, Cell Biology & Immunology
  • David Stillman, PhD, Professor, Head, Division of Microbiology and Immunology
  • Jeffrey Swensen, PhD, Assistant Professor, Hereditary cancer predisposition Syndrome and premature aging syndromes
  • Janis J. Weis, PhD, Associate Professor, Pathogenesis of Lyme disease
  • Diane Ward, PhD, Associate Professor, Cell Biology & Immunology
  • John H. Weis, PhD, Associate Professor, Molecular genetics of complement-receptor gene family and mast-cell differentiation and function
  • Diana G. Wilkins, MS, PhD, MT (ASCP), Professor and Co-Director MS Program
  • Carl T. Wittwer, MD, PhD, Associate Professor, Flow cytometry, in vitro nucleic acid amplification techniques
Undergraduate Application deadline: March 1, 2019
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