Student Thesis Titles, 2002-2012

  • “Use of Low-Dose Beta-Blockers to Treat Symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome” (Christopher Allen; Chair: Alan Light)
  • “Development of an Assay for detection of Acetylcholine Receptor Blocking Antibodies by Flow Cytometry” (Anndorie Cromar; Chair: Dr. Harry Hill)
  • “NEK2 Nuclear Expression Predicts an Adverse Outcome For Patients with Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma”(Laureen Oliphant; Chair: Dr. Muhamed Salama)
  • “Comparison of three methods of detection for Group A Strep Pharyngitis: illumigene® Group A Streptococcus DNA Amplification Assay, OSO illumigene®M® Ultra Strep A Test and Routine Bacteriologic Culture”(Kristine Pierce; Chair:  Dr. Judy Daly)
  • “A Comparison of Creatinine Measurement by the Jaffe and Enzymatic Methods in an Outpatient Population” (Austin Adam; Chair: Robert Schmidt)
  • “Candidate Gene Analysis for PHACE syndrome” (Sheri Mitchell: Chair; Pinar Bayrak-Toydemir)
  • “Interaction of DNA- binding protein H-NS with the flagellar Motor of E.coli” (Eun A. Kim; Chair: David Blair)
  • "Evaluation of Eight Different Assays for the Detection of Campylobacter spp. in the Intermountain West" (Garrison Alger; Chair: Judy Daly)
  • "Posterior Homeotic Transformation of the Cervical-Thoracic Border is a Marker of Maldevelopment in Humans" (Lance Ericksen; Chair: John Opitz)
  • "An Evaluation of Mitochondrial DNA Resequencing Array Mitochip V2.0 in Comparison with Sanger Sequencing" (Ye Xiao; Chair: Rong Mao)
  • "Newborn Screening Strategies for Disorders of Creatine Metabolism" (Rebecca Bentley; Chair: Marzia Pasquali)
  • "A Model of Sepsis In Zebra Fish" (Daniele Elsberry; Chair: Nikolaus Trede)
  • "Differentiating Blood Monocytes into Neurons" (Nikki Kennett; Chair: Robert Fujjinami)
  • "Investigation of the Effect of Competitor Peptide on Peptide Dissociation from MHCII Proteins: (Kevin McCowen; Chair: Dr. Peter Jensen)
  • "Proinflammatory Immune Response and Puerperal Group A Streptococcal Sepsis" (Petrine Spargen; Chair: Dr. Harry Hill)
  • "Evaluation of Pulsed-Field Gel Electrophoresis' Ability to Cluster Campylobacter jejuni by Animal Exposure or Location" (Jenny Wagner; Chair: Dr. Patrick Luedtke)
  • "Evaluation of Five Assays for the Detection of Clostridium difficile in Pediatrics" (Justin Rhees; Chair: Dr. Judy Daly)
  • "High Sensitivity Measurements of Androgens by Two-Dimensional-High Pressure Liquid Chromatograph-Tandem Mass Spectrometry" (Takara Blamires; Chair: Dr. Allan Rockwood)
  • "Retrospective Fragile X Study by Capillary and Agarose Gel Electrophoresis" (Christine Baker; Chair: Dr. Elaine Lyon)
  • "The Development of Second Tier Tests in Newborn Screening" (Josh Garn; Chair: Dr. Marzia Pasquali)
  • "Characterization of Chediak-Higashi Syndrome/Beige Protein Regulator of Lysosome Size: Fusion or Fission?" (Nina Durchfort; Chair: Dr. Diane Ward)
  • "Analysis of antibody responses to streptococcal and tissue antigens in patients with acute rheumatic fever" (Tom Martins; Chair: Dr. Harry Hill)
  • "Molecular characterization of hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia" (Changkuoth Bukjiok; Chair: Dr. Pinar Bayrak-Toydemir)
  • "DNA sequencing of the hepatitis B virus polymerase and surface antigen genes" (Sam Page; Chair: Dr. David Hillyard)
  • "Alterations to the maturation and trafficking of dendritic cells by vitamin D3" (Diana Bareyan; Chair: Dr. Raymond Daynes)
  • "An exploration of biomarkers in patients with hypereosinophilic syndrome" (Travis Price; Chair: Dr. Gerald Gleich)
  • "Properties of histones that affect the function of yFACT" (Laura McCullough; Chair: Dr. Timothy Formosa)
  • "Characterization of Nocardia species by multi-locus gene sequencing" (Robert Durrant; Chair: Dr. Cathy Petti)
  • "ELISA and multiplex microsphere assays for the detection of antinuclear antibodies in systemic lupus erythematosis" (Susan Copple; Chair: Dr. Harry Hill)
  • "Growth detection by quantitative PCR for Mycobacterium tuberculosis susceptibility testing" (Natalie Baker; Chair: Dr. Cathy Petti)
  • "Multiplex genotyping by high resolution amplicon melting" (Michael Seipp; Chair: Dr. Carl Wittwer)
  • "Identifying factors that inhibit the success of in-vitro fertilization in the mouse" (Ann Kelly; Chair: Dr. Susan Tamowski)
  • "Efficiency in the clinical hematology laboratory" (Omar Munoz; Chair: Christopher Lehman)
  • "A mass spectrometry-based approach for the identification of proteins released by follicular lymphoma cells" (Cecily Vaughn; Chair: Dr. Kojo Elenitoba-Johnson)
  • "Immunologic implication of the 'Toxic Oil Syndrome' in a murine model" (Martin Salomoni; Chair: Dr. Gerald Gleich)
  • "Mutation Genotyping Using Fluorescently-Labeled Oligonucleotides" (Cameron Nathan Gundry; Chair: Dr. Carl Wittwer)
  • "Identification and Characterization of ECRP a hostel RNASE in the Eosinophil" (Marisa Frost; Chair" Dr. Lori Wagner)
  • "Opiate recidivism in a drug treatment program: Hair and urine test using LC/MS Method" (Bradley Kent Charles; Chair Diana Wilkins, Ph.D.)
  • "Involvement of RANKL in the B Cell Deficiency of the Microphthalmic Mouse" (Kirstin Roundy; Chair John H. Weis)
  • "Dendritic cells with age" (Qing Liu; Chair" Dr. Raymond Daynes)
  • "Measurement of lysyl hydroxylase in fibroblasts by tandem mass spectrometry" (Elisabeth Schwartz; Chair: Dr. Marzie Pasquali)
  • "Effects of geldanamycin on cell viability and molecular mechanisms involved in its action on NPM-ALK positive ALCL cells" (Jonathon Schumacher; Chair: Dr. Megan Lim)
  • "BRAF gene mutational analysis of the thyroid and correlation with clinicopathological findings" (Leslie Rowe; Chair: Dr. Joel Bentz)
  • "Immunology of allosensitization observed with LVAD implantation" (Ryan Greer; Chair: Dr. Thomas Fuller)
  • "Bordetella pertussis diagnosis using fragment analysis technology" (Eric Konnick; Chair: Dr. David Hillyard)
  • "Determining HIV-1 VPR's role in macrophage activation" (Jana Blackett; Chair: Dr. Vicente Planelles)
  • "The detection of MSH6 mutations in North American patients by multiplex ligation-dependent probe amplification" (Melissa Anderson; Chair: Dr. Tom Scho
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