Selection Criteria

Students who wish to apply to the MLS program should prepare for professional courses by taking the required pre-professional courses at a four-year college or a community college that offers equivalent courses. Students are advised to have strong backgrounds in high school chemistry, biology, and mathematics.

Admission is dependent upon selection by the Medical Laboratory Science Admissions Committee. Selection is based on evaluation of transcripts including repeated coursework. Requirements include a minimum GPA of 2.5 (both cumulative and math/science) and successful completion of prerequisite university courses in chemistry, biology, and mathematics. It is strongly recommended that all general education and BS degree requirements are completed prior to beginning the MLS Program.

MLS Selection Criteria

Applications from all qualified applicants will be reviewed by the MLS selection committee. The committee consists of members of the MLS faculty. The selection process for medical laboratory science is competitive and is based on a point ranking system.

The following criteria will be used to rank all qualified applicants:

  1. Academic achievement (4–16 points)
    • Cumulative GPA
    • Science GPA
    • Minimal repeats of prerequisites
  2. Essay questions (3–12 points)
    • Relevance
    • Organization/logic/clarity
    • Writing style
  3. Experience (3–12 points)
    • Laboratory experience
    • Work experience
    • Extra curricular/community service
    • Leadership Potential
  4. Letters of Recommendation (1–4 points)
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