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The question of which direction your career will take following the completion of your PhD should arise early. It is never too early to consider career options. Students receiving a PhD usually take a postdoctoral research position to acquire additional techniques and expertise to further prepare for an independent research career. Such postdoctoral training is usually essential for a career in academic research. Some students take permanent positions in industrial or government laboratories such as ARUP immediately after receiving the PhD degree. Others enter additional advanced degree programs such as medical school, or seek careers in teaching, administration of science funding, policy or editorial positions in scientific journals. Career objectives can best be realized through careful planning. All members of the faculty are happy to advise students on career options, and students are encouraged to seek this advice at any time during their training.

Below are listed career resources offered by the University of Utah and other organizations that can support you in your decision making.

University of Utah Career Resources

Career and Professional Development Center
Whether you're just starting out or getting ready to take your final steps, the Career Center offers plenty of resources to help you succeed at any stage. You can also meet with your Graduate Career Coach who has specific expertise to provide you with individualized support to help you in your professional transition.

ALUMNIFIRE for the U is a grassroots networking community where alumni share their valuable experience and mentor U students ready to start their career.

Alumni Career Coaches Referral Network
Not sure what the next step of your career will be? The University Alumni Office provides a list of professional career coaches that offer consultations at reduced rates to U alumni.

General Career Resources

National Postdoctoral Association

Science Careers Articles


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The Versatile PhD

PhD Career Guide

PhD Career Stories - A Podcast for people interested in career possibilities after a PhD.