June 2021 Newsletter
Anatomic Pathology Division Update

The Division of Anatomic Pathology has successfully navigated the challenges of the past year and is poised to meet the challenges of the upcoming year. We are particularly proud of our advancements in computational and digital pathology and research immunohistochemistry and are pleased to detail those efforts below.

Active Searches:

We are actively recruiting for the following specialties in Anatomic Pathology, as we seek to fill open positions and meet the needs of expansion of gastroenterology at remote hospitals:

  • Molecular Oncology
  • Surgical Pathology
  • GI Pathology

Computational and Digital Pathology:

Computational and digital pathology is rapidly advancing under the expert and focused direction of Dr. Beatrice Knudsen, who joined us in January of 2020.  These new and pioneering disciplines are now becoming firmly established here due to Dr. Knudsen’s efforts. Organizationally, computational and digital pathology are now part of the Department of Pathology’s BMP Core facility at HCI, and as part of ARUP’s R&D Institute.  Multiple, high complexity and high throughput scanners, stainers, software, a slide management system, and industry collaborations have been developed, along with hires of a technologist and experts in computational imaging, IT and laboratory operations. This exciting and evolving program has moved rapidly, despite its emergence during the COVID pandemic.  We applaud Dr. Knudsen for her perseverance and vision.  Her goal is to build infrastructure for both AP and CP to use digital imaging and to develop computational algorithms to improve our clinical, research, and educational missions at the Department of Pathology and ARUP. 

Research Immunohistochemistry:   

Research Immunohistochemistry is under the new direction of Dr. Gillian Hale in the Division of Anatomic Pathology.  The laboratory is located at HCI as part of the BMP Core.  It facilitates new antibody development and staining for research programs throughout the University of Utah, HCI, and among our faculty in Pathology.  Dr. Hale brings a wealth of experience and expertise to this new research laboratory, as prior to joining us, she directed the renowned immunohistochemistry laboratory at the CDC.  We welcome her to this endeavor to advance research at the University of Utah.