June 2021 Newsletter
UME Update

2021 has been an exciting year for the Department of Pathology’s undergraduate medical education programs so far. Not only have we adjusted pathology curriculum to meet the challenges COVID presented, but we are continuing to add new opportunities to introduce medical students to the field. Here are some of the things on our horizon:

The School of Medicine is undertaking a massive revamp of the student experience. Sparked by the intersection of a new building being constructed, the need to create a more equitable and just environment for students, and the changes required by COVID, this process aims to create an exceptional student experience grounded in the following:

  • Anti-racism, diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Learning partnerships with providers and health systems, including in rural and underserved areas
  • Value-driven, science-based, technology-enhanced, exceptional learning experiences
  • Flexible, mastery-based advancement which fosters professional identity development and ensures readiness for successful careers

We are excited for the opportunities MedEdMorphosis will create to innovate in pathology education. Find out more about this process here: https://uofuhealth.utah.edu/exceptional-learning-experience/mededmorphosis.php

2021-22 Academic Year
We are seeking faculty to contribute to our pathology labs during the 2021-22 academic year. Labs cover a wide range of organ systems and specialties, and we need content experts in all areas. Each lab typically lasts two hours, and may be either in person or virtual, depending on public health guidelines. Contact Dr. Angelica Putnam (Angelica.Putnam@imail2.org) or Kali Korbis (kali.korbis@utah.edu) if you’re interested in joining us.

Medical Student Research
As part of our commitment to student research, the department offers a medical student research course, PATH 6070. However, we need your help in placing students – if you have the ability to take on a medical student for a short-term project, please get in touch with Dr. Putnam or Kali.

Pathology Student Interest Group
Our student interest group has selected new leadership for the 2021-22 year: Elsha Eggink (MS2) and Taelor Johnson (MS2). Elsha and Taelor look forward to collaborating with the faculty, residents, and staff in the next year.

Interprofessional Education
We have the opportunity to include pathology in the School of Medicine’s Interprofessional Education program (IPE). Some possibilities include having students work in the lab with phlebotomists, processors, lab supervisors, and medical laboratory scientists. Contact Dr. Putnam if you have ideas on how we may include our students in your area.