Ryan O'Connell News

Ryan O'ConnellRyan is named director of the Immunology, Inflammation and Infectious Diseases (III) Initiative in 2017

Ryan is promoted to Associate Professor of Pathology with tenure in 2016.

Ryan is awarded a Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Scholar Award for 5 years in 2017.

Ryan is awarded an R01 from the NIAID to work on miRNAs and exosomes for 5 years in 2017.

Ryan is Co-PI on a Collaborative Center Grant awarded by the National Multiple Sclerosis Society for 5 years starting in 2017.

Ryan gives a plenary talk on microRNAs and T cell responses at the Asilomar Midwinter Conference of Immunologists in 2016.

Ryan gives a talk about exosomal miRNAs and inflammatory responses at the American Association of Immunologists (AAI) national meeting in Seattle in 2016.

5 year NIH R01 awarded to Ryan in 2015:
"MicroRNAs and chronic, low-grade inflammation."

A 3 year cancer grant is awarded to Ryan in 2015: Medical Research Award - "Investigating the collaboration between microRNAs and oncogenes in leukemia" Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation for Cancer Research

Ryan receives a 5 year NIH New Innovator Award to develop genome editing tools to study human microRNA functions in 2013: “Utilizing TALEN technology to regulate human microRNAs.”

Ryan receives Research Scholar Grant from the American Cancer Society in 2013: “MicroRNA regulation of antitumor immunity.”

Ryan is awarded Scholar Award from the Sidney Kimmel Foundation for Cancer Research in 2013: “Deciphering the roles of microRNAs during antitumor immunity.

Lab Member News

William TangCharles Goodwin

Charles Goodwin joins the lab a a medical fellow and William Tang joins the lab as an MD/PhD student 2019.





Atakan EkizAtakan Ekiz joins the lab as a postdoctoral fellow 2018.






Cindy BarbaJake ThompsonArevik Ghazaryan

Arevik Ghazaryan, Jake Thompson, and Cindy Barba join the lab as graduate students 2018.





Jared Wallace

Jared Wallace has been selected to participate in the 68th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting in Lindau, Germany in 2018.




Kaylyn BauerCarissa KimMorgan Nelson

Morgan Nelson, Carissa Kim and Kaylyn Bauer join the lab as graduate students 2017.





Jared Wallace received an NIH F30 training grant to study miRNAs and AML 2017.


Maggie AlexanderMaggie Alexander graduates from the lab with a PhD, and is off to start a postdoc with Peter Turnbaugh at UCSF in 2017.




Marah Runtsch

Marah Runtsch is the first student to graduate from the O’Connell lab with her PhD, and is off to do a postdoc with Luke O’Neill at Trinity College in Dublin 2017.




 Andrew RamsteadAndrew Ramstead is awarded a Microbial Pathogenesis Postdoctoral Training Grant in 2016.






Thomas HuffakerThomas Huffaker receives an F30 training grant from the NCI in 2014: “Immunological function and potential role of microRNA as a novel cancer treatment.”




 Ruozhen HuAfter a successful postdoc with 4 first author papers, Ruozhen Hu lands a job with a reputable biotech company. She is now a research scientist at Amgen 2016.


Ryan M. O'Connell, PhD
Department of Pathology
Division of Microbiology and Immunology
2000 Circle of Hope, Room: Rm 5245
Salt Lake City, UT 84112

phone: 801-581-4390