HONOR 2951 Fundamentals of Global Health, The Honors College (Lead Instructor: Melissa Watt)
This course uses an interdisciplinary perspective to examine the major global health problems facing the world today. We will first establish a common foundation for global health, including a history of global health, the global burden of disease, sustainable development, and social determinants of health. We will then apply these concepts to take a deeper look at health issues, organized by the global burden of disease (Category 1, Infectious, maternal and neonatal conditions; Category 2, Non-communicable diseases; and Category 3, Injuries). Student-led case studies throughout will provide country-specific examples of how both upstream and downstream approaches can influence health outcomes, and successful strategies for reducing health disparities. In a final project you’ll have the opportunity to write an independent paper on a topic in global health of your choosing. 
Role: Lecture on “Malaria”