The wellness of our residents is extremely important to our program and is very much supported by our institution. The University of Utah’s GME Wellness Program cares about our residents and helps guide our efforts to improve residents’ wellness. In collaboration with the GME Wellness Program we secured funding to improve some of our workstations. These efforts included outfitting two work-stations with sit-stand desks and padded mats, improving room décor with plants and inspirational quote mugs. We provided some healthy snacks during time-intensive rotations. We also held a photography contest between residents and fellows of Utah’s natural beauty and displayed the winning photos in our University hospital resident room. Many residents submitted stunning photos of their travels around this beautiful state and the results were gorgeous. We hope it encourages everyone who lives in or travels to Utah to enjoy the beautiful outdoors as a part of their wellness strategy.

Additionally, the resident room was outfit with a recliner chair to allow residents to rest and relax while they find themselves needing to wait for call duties in the evenings and on weekends. The chair purchased also has heat and massage functions and helps encourage residents to take breaks and improve their wellness. Ideally, this can be a comfortable place where residents can practice mindfulness and mediation exercises as well. Residency can sometimes be stressful, but a well-managed focus on individual and program wellness can go a long way to help our residents be the best physicians possible.

Jeffrey Mohlman, MD  - GME Resident Wellness Champion

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