Immunization Protection in Child Care (IPiCC)

We need your help to understand how child care providers, parents, and health care providers can work together on issues related to childhood vaccines. Outbreaks of hepatitis A, measles, varicella (chicken pox), and pertussis (whooping cough) in child care programs and schools in Utah are reminders that vaccines are an important tool to stop the spread of diseases that can cause illness, and even death.

We want to make sure that child care providers and the families they serve have access to good quality information about vaccines and the diseases they prevent so they can make the best choice for their children.

Access to Vaccines

Our goal is to make sure that parents have access to vaccines for their children and that child care providers have the best tools to keep track of whether the children in their programs are protected – or at risk – for disease.

As a first step, we are conducting interviews of child care providers about their knowledge, experience, and ideas related to vaccines. Next, we will be sending out a survey to give everyone an opportunity to share information with us.

Finally, we will be working with child care providers to try new tools or strategies in their programs.


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