Conferences & Meetings

There are a variety of weekly conferences and regional meetings. Look here for a calendar view of our Conferences and Meetings.


Pediatric Neurology Grand Rounds

Grand Rounds occurs Wednesdays at noon. We invite speakers on a variety of topics relevant to practicing pediatric neurologists.  Occasionally, these conferences are held jointly with Pediatrics noon conference with more general topics such as: Pediatric Migraine, Tourette Syndrome or Pediatric Multiple Sclerosis. Recurring series within Grand Rounds include: Pediatric Neurology M&M and Pediatric Neurology Research Update.

EEG Reading

Every Monday morning we have an EEG reading conference. Our epileptologists review EEGs from the prior week, including normal and abnormal findings.


Every Friday morning our pediatric neuroradiologists lead a teaching conference. The neurology ward team submits interesting inpatient cases for review, and residents and attendings submit outpatient cases. Often, providers from other related fields - Genetics, Neurosurgery, Pediatrics etc. - attend this conference to discuss interesting or unknown cases.

Epilepsy Surgery

A multidisciplinary team of neurologists, pediatric and adult epileptologists, neuroradiologists, neurosurgeons and psychologists review the current epilepsy surgery candidate cases once a month. Results of long term EEG monitoring, imaging, and neuropsychological testing are presented and reviewed in the clinical context of the patient's epilepsy.

Resident Meeting

Pediatric neurology residents meet every month with the program director to discuss any program issues, answer questions, etc.

Journal Club

Pediatric Neurology Journal club is held once a month. We review articles selected from the current literature as well as the 'classic' publications in pediatric and adult neurology.

Case Conference

We have a monthly Pediatric Neurology Case Conference. Attendings and residents present either unknown or interesting pediatric neurology cases for discussion.

Neurocritical Care Conference

This is a multidisciplinary, educational conference and journal club. Topics include pediatric stroke, status epilepticus, traumatic brain injury, neuromuscular weakness etc. Neurologists, intensivists, ED physicians, radiologists meet monthly to discuss cases, develop clinical care guidelines, review the literature and educate colleagues.

Adult Neurology Conferences

Neurology Grand Rounds is every Wednesday at 9am, followed by the resident teaching conference at 10am. Adult Neurology noon conferences are Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays and cover subtopics including Neurophysiology, Board Review and Pediatric Neurology (see above).

In addition to weekly conferences, there is a Neuro-ophthalmology Course, Neuromuscular Course and an Urgent Neurology lecture series held every year.

Pediatrics Conferences

Pediatrics Grand Rounds is Thursday mornings and neurology residents often attend the daily pediatrics conferences, including morning report, noon conferences and monthly Pediatrics M&M. Global Health conferences are once a month, on Wednesday evenings, and are often held jointly with the Department of Family Medicine, Public Health etc.

Regional and National Meetings

As clinical obligations allow, Pediatric Neurology residents attend two regional conferences, Western Intermountain Neurological Organization and Brainstorm conference. Residents can be invited to present their research at these conferences or at the yearly Department of Neurology Baringer symposium. As in Program Details, residents are encouraged to submit their work to national conferences such as the Child Neurology Society annual meeting.


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