Salary & Benefits

Projected salary for a PL-4 fellow during 2016-2017 will be approximately $62,235 plus benefits.

Three weeks of vacation are available each year. Medical and dental insurance is available. Fellows may also be eligible for long term disability and life insurance.

If you are interested in obtaining an MPH concurrently with fellowship, the University tuition is 50% discounted after six months of employment.


We offer the following house staff benefits:

  • Three weeks (15 working days) of vacation
  • Choice of health insurance plans, including hospitalization coverage - premium costs are shared between the hospital and the house officer for health coverage for the house officer and family
  • Group dental insurance for house officer and family at a nominal charge per month
  • Group term life insurance up to the salary amount but not to exceed $25,000 at no charge. Additional life insurance may be purchased by the house officer.
  • Disability insurance for specialty-specific occupation with benefit equal to approximately 66.6% of monthly earnings up to $3,000/month (less benefits from other sources) and built-in cost-of-living rider. Basic policy paid by Hospital. Additional individual coverage may be purchased by the house officer.
  • Malpractice insurance is provided by the hospital for professional activities that are an approved part of the training program

House staff are responsible for purchasing their own lab coats, which may be purchased from the University of Utah Linen Services.

Other benefits are included, such as reduced tuition, bookstore discount, and others offered to all University employees.


Joyce Soprano
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Program Director
Joyce Soprano, MD

Fellowship Program Manager
Jessie Skriner

Phone: 801-587-7435