The Global, Rural & Underserved Child Health (GRUCH) Certificate Program provides unique experiences for pediatrics, internal medicine-pediatrics and triple-board residents at the University of Utah. The program goal is to instill a comprehensive understanding of health issues for children across the globe by providing educational opportunities for pediatric residents at the University of Utah.

These opportunities include:

Call-Free Elective

The Department of Pediatrics offers global electives with partnering institutions in Utah and abroad. After their PL-1 year, residents are eligible to participate in a variety of electives offering opportunities in clinical pediatrics, community health and medical Spanish. Residents continue to receive their salary and GME benefits while completing away electives and are eligible to apply for funding to support these experiences. Formal elective sites include:

  • Four Corners Region / Navajo Nation: Clinical Pediatrics
  • Uinta Basin, Utah: Clinical Pediatrics
  • Kumasi, Ghana, West Africa: Clinical Pediatrics
  • Kumasi, Ghana, West Africa: Community Health
  • Spanish Language & Clinical Pediatrics in Guatemala
  • Gujarat, India: Clinical Pediatrics
  • Baglung, Nepal: Clinical Pediatrics

Self-Directed Learning

Residents can access a great variety of learning resources related to global child health via the program's website including lectures and video presentations, on-line learning modules, articles and clinical guides and manuals.

Global Health Noon Conference

Two-year global and rural health didactic curriculum delivered during pediatric resident noon conference.

Global Health Journal Clubs

Global Health Journal Club allows residents to explore specific topics related to global health during peer-to-peers education sessions. During these evening sessions which are held nine teams per year, one or two residents present a relevant global health topic to their peers prior to a group discussion. It is up to the session leaders to determine the format for the activity, including peer-to-peer presentations, literature reviews, and multimedia displays. Learning Clubs are typically held in the evenings at someone’s home around a pot luck dinner.

Global Health Certificate

Residents apply to participate in the GRUCH program during their intern year and on successful completion of the global health curriculum including a global, rural, or underserved clinical elective are awarded a Global, Rural, and Underserved Child Health Certificate at graduation.

Click here for our Global Health curriculum.

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