Sarah Pietruszka, MD

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About Me

Hailing from the much gentler Appalachians, I sought out a program where I could find recreation as close as possible while also receiving world-class training with kind-hearted attendings and trainees. As a busy mom of 2, I knew I had to have everything right out my backdoor. Utah absolutely fits the bill and we feel fortunate to be here. My morning commute (on my bike when warm) wakes me with the view of the sun (or moon) peeking over the striking Oquirrh range to my right and Wasatch front to guide me to work. Our kids have wonderful caretakers and teachers at their respective schools. I work with people who care deeply about what we do and find joy and laughter in this journey. At night, I relish in my moonlit walks in the Avenues where I steal snacks from the abundant fruit trees. Our days off are filled with exploring the beauty around us. I am grateful for a supportive work environment who celebrates my family instead of scorns me for it. We would choose it again despite being so far from home.


Kingsport, Tennessee

Education History

UndergraduateFurman University
Medical SchoolCreighton University