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Life of a Resident

Roles of our Residents 
by Level of Training


The PL-1 functions as the patient’s primary care physician and assumes full responsibility for their patients under the supervision of a senior resident and the attending physician. The PL-1 is responsible for the continuous care of his/her patients, order writing, daily communications with the attending physician and the family, as well as discharge planning.
PL-1s are assigned to the general inpatient rotations, PICU, and the emergency department at Primary Children's Hospital. Each rotation provides a broad experience in both general and subspecialty pediatrics. PL-1s have rotations in the NICU and the Well Baby Nursery at the University Hospital. Hospitalized patients at all sites are considered teaching patients. The PL-1 is directly supervised by a senior resident and faculty attending on each inpatient service. Subspecialty rotations in the first year include cardiology, child abuse, nephrology, and adolescent medicine as well as an elective month that enables PL-1s to tailor their training to their career goals.


The PL-2 assumes an increasing level of responsibility for patient management with the gradual introduction of teaching and team supervision at the University Hospital and PCH. The required subspecialty rotations during the second year are organized so that residents serve as consultants and care providers. The PL-2 completes consultations under the direction of the faculty and attends subspecialty-specific rounds and conferences. Subspecialty rotations in the second year include gastroenterology, infectious diseases, behavior and development, as well as an inpatient hematology/oncology rotation. The PL-2 also rotates through the PICU, the emergency department, and the NICU at PCH. There are several elective opportunities during the PL-2 year. PL-2s also have the opportunity to supervise family medicine residents and medical students who rotate on a unique team in which third-year medical students function like interns.


During the PL-3 year, residents gain extensive experience as teachers and supervisors, serving in this capacity in the neonatal intensive care units and on the general pediatric wards. Subspeciality rotations in the PL-3 year include neurology, psychiatry, endocrinology, and pulmonology.  Ample elective time allows for research opportunities and supplemental educational experiences tailored to each resident’s career path.

Resident Retreats/Workshops

Intern River Trip

An exciting welcome to pediatric residency at the University of Utah, is an annual river trip on the Colorado River, near Moab, Utah. Current residents, chief residents, program directors, program staff, and the chair join the incoming residents on a weekend adventure.

PL-1 Retreat

In the fall of the PL-1 year, all PL-1's attend a retreat at Deer Valley/Park City, Utah. Here residents learn about communication, professionalism, conflict resolution, teaching and feedback. Spouses, children and significant others are invited to attend. Ample free time is provided for residents and their families to take advantage of Utah's spectacular activities, including: hiking, mountain biking, sightseeing and exploring.

PL-2 Retreat

In the spring of each year, the PL-2's attend a retreat at the Homestead Resort in Heber, Utah for a weekend of camaraderie and education in preparation for their supervisory year. They also hear about presentations regarding preparing for their career and/or fellowship, including information about applications, contracts, insurance and personal finance planning.  

PL-3 Workshop

Each fall, the PL-3's meet to hear various presentations regarding preparing for their career and/or fellowship, including information about contracts, insurance and personal finance planning. A group dinner follows the workshop at a local restaraunt.

Graduation Dinner

Each June, we celebrate the graduation of senior residents in the pediatrics and combined programs with a semi-formal dinner, music and dancing!