Mentored Program in Pediatric Research (PED 7260)

August 2016 - May 2017

The goal of the Mentored Program in Pediatric Research is to pair fourth year medical students interested in a pediatric career with experienced academicians and mentors with expertise in pediatric research. The in-depth, mentored experience will provide the student with the opportunity to:

  1. Develop a relationship with the mentor
  2. Develop skills in pediatric research methods and scientific oral and written presentation
  3. Enhance their pediatric career development

The Program will provide students with a list of potential mentors and research projects. Students are expected to contact and meet with potential mentors to identify a research project and develop a timeline for its completion. Students who have already identified a mentor and a project are also encouraged to participate (i.e. the mentor and project do not have to be on the list provided by the Program).

Program requirements:

  • The student must identify a mentor and project and a complete a brief application form by July 1, 2016. The application form should be returned to
  • The brief application should include: Student's and mentor's names and contact information, Project Title, Background, Objectives, Methods, and Significance or Implications of the planned research. It must be signed by the student and the mentor.
  • The student should plan to schedule two four week blocks for research during his/her fourth year and should plan to arrange additional time as needed with his/her mentor.
  • Register for Pediatrics 7260 by July 1, 2016. Contact Jennifer Monson, Administrative Assistant for the Pediatric Residency Enterprise 801-662-5705, for details.
  • The student must attend monthly Mentored Program in Pediatric Research meetings. These will be one hour meetings at 4:30pm one time per month between August and May.
  • The student must present his/her research findings at Pediatric Grand Rounds during May of his/her fourth year (May).
  • The student will be encouraged to present his/her research findings at either a regional or national pediatric meeting. It will be the responsibility of the mentor to assist the student in the application process for the meeting.
  • The mentor will assign the student a grade of the course and will provide the student and the Dean of Students with the grade in time for graduation.



Nicole Mihalopoulos, MD

Catherine Sherwin


Sarah Barth