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Current Research

One of the goals of this study is to identify causes of common and rare diseases and health conditions in children and adults. We are currently working with other researchers at the University of Utah to look at inherited changes in families in order to learn more about the genetics of children’s cancer, particularly Ewing Sarcoma. Ewing Sarcoma is a deadly bone cancer that occurs in children and adolescents. It is the second most common bone cancer in children and young adults, but very little is known about why people get it. We are working to better understand the inherited and genetic factors that may contribute to cancer development and to help determine how these factors affect cancer risk, outcomes, and prevention. The participation of all is important, including families who never experience any of these conditions.

Possible Future Research

  1. We are planning studies of the microbiome on health. The microbiome refers to all the microorganisms we carry on our skin, in our gut, etc., and that influence our health either positively or negatively. Most people think of bacteria as causing disease, but actually many kinds of bacteria help keep us healthy!
  2. We have setup a protocol with the Centers for Disease Contorl (CDC) to monitor households interested in participating if and when we have an influenza ("flu") pandemic.
  3. We have applied for the possibility of working with other studies accross the country in the Environmental Influences on Child Health Outcomes (ECHO) project with the National Institues of Health (NIH).

What's Next

If we haven’t met with you for a little while, we will be contacting you for a follow-up visit a little later this year. The visit will include a questionnaire where we will ask for some updated information including any changes in your family, recent doctor visits or hospitalizations, if you are moving or have changes to your contact information, etc. You will be compensated for your time to answer the questions. We may also invite you to help with one of the future research opportunities, such as studying the microbiome or the risk of getting influenza (the “flu”).

Please feel free to call or contact us at any time if you have questions.

We are also collaborating with Utah State University. 
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Principal Investigator Joseph B. Standford, MD, MSPH

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