Principal Investigator: Colby Hansen, MD

Recently, a better understanding of the potential long-term effects of concussions, as well as the general lack of validated assessment tools in children, has led to a pressing need to have such assessment tools for children and adolescents. Dr. Hansen and his research team intend to study the reliability of balance testing and whether or not such a test can aid in the diagnosis and treatment of concussions.

Testing will occur during the participant’s physical education/gym time on a specific date with each individual school and will follow a strict procedure to ensure anonymity, safety, and efficiency. The actual testing day procedures will go as follows:

  • Groups of children (organized by class) will be presented with a brief overview of this project and have a demonstration of the balance test.
  • Children for whom parent permission has been obtained will be invited into a separate, private testing area.
  • Child permission will be verified, and height and weight will be measured.
  • The balance test will be performed and your child will return to regular class activities.


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