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What Are Digital Badges?


Badges are a validated indicator of accomplishment, skill, quality or interest that can be earned in various learning environments (Carey, Kevin (April 8, 2012). "A Future Full of Badges" . The Chronicle of Higher Education.)  Badges are growing methods of acknowledging accomplishment at undergraduate institutions, graduate schools, and in continuing education programs.

Badges are a way of organizing and advertising your extracurricular activities. Badges offer a new pathway of lifelong learning outside traditional academic settings. Badges highlight and recognize skills and knowledge that come from personal initiative and investigation.


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Intro to Badges

What Badges Can I Earn?

    Rural Interest Badge


         4 Rural Speaker Series

         Participation in URISE (Underserved and Rural Interested Student Experience),

         2 RUUTE Electives (AND/OR Intro Pathway Courses)

         Shadowing Experience

         Find a Rural Mentor​



         4 Rural Speaker Series

         Participation in URISE (Underserved and Rural Interested Student Experience)

         Rural Clerkship and/or a UROP/IROP trip​

    Rural Research


         4 Rural Speaker Series (2 Rural Speaker Series 2 Research Rural Speaker Series)

         Participation in URISE (Underserved and Rural Interested Student Experience)

         Summer Research Experience and/or Independent Research Presented at Research Forum

    • RUUTE Badges Timeline (x=availability during year)

        1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year 4th Year
      Rural Interest Badge
      URISE x x x x
      4 Rural Speaker Series x x x x
      2 Electives x x x x
      Shadowing Experience x x x x
      Rural Mentor x x x x

    How Does It Work?



    Badgr is a badging application linked to Canvas. Organizations worldwide use Badgr to distribute badges from many different learning environments.

    If you are interested in earning a badge, you will be added to the Badge Canvas Page. Canvas Modules reflect the badge timeline. As you complete an activity, complete the respective module.  

    Once you complete each module that includes the activities and experiences needed for each badge, a badge will be automatically awarded.

    Once obtained badges can be added to CV, resume, signature, etc.


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