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Jeffrey Clark, MD

Jeffrey Clark, MD

Medical School: Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine at Case Western Reserve University

Residency: University of Washington Psychiatry Residency

Medical Areas of Interest: Substance Use Disorders, Unwanted Behaviors, Personality Disorders, Psychotherapy

Interests and Hobbies: Good food, Table Tennis, Software Development, Hiking, Writing, Business

Why Utah? I grew up hiking, biking, camping, and skiing throughout the mountains of Utah. After years of schooling and residency, it's good to be back home in Utah! I love always having a mountain in the background, four seasons, and great outdoor activities. I'm glad to be working in an academic environment with kind, supportive colleagues.

Hometown: Orem, UT


Spencer Hansen, MD

Spencer Hansen, MD

Medical School: University of Arizona College of Medicine

Residency: University of New Mexico Internal Medicine Residency | University of Arizona Diagnostic Radiology Residency | Tulane University School of Medicine Psychiatry Residency

Medical Areas of Interest: Addiction Psychiatry of course! I also hold interest in the area of sleep medicine and understanding how sleep, mental health, and addiction interplay with each other is something I want to continue to explore during my career

Interests and Hobbies: My kids are my hobby right now. We enjoy hiking up Millcreek Canyon, rock climbing, playing baseball, throwing frisbee, jumping on the tramp when I have the courage to join them, exploring my daughter's fairy gardens in the backyard, and for some reason, playing chess with them, as they've developed serendipitous interest in it. Spending time with my wife and partner, Anna, is also solid time well spent

Why Utah? Utah is where Anna is from. It's marvelous 8 months out of the year. The other 4 months I'm trying to understand what it will take to endure the cold! Though I've heard it's not really that cold in Utah compared to other places.

Hometown: Mesa, AZ (354 sunny days a year)