Julian Thorne, MD

Medical Areas of Interest

Rural Psychiatry | Telepsychiatry | General Psychiatry

Interests & Hobbies

I probably have a few too many hobbies! My main hobby is homebrewing which I've been doing for about 4 years now and along with that I became a certified beer judge which is lots of fun. I also have been mountain biking more since getting to Utah, there is an unending supply of trails to try out! Besides that I love to hang out and cook with my wife and our heckin' good pupper Brewster. Since I'm from Montana I do all the regular Montana things like hunting, fishing, hiking, backpacking, floating the river, and playing cornhole.

Why Utah?

So many reasons why I chose to come to Utah. This program is amazing. Everyone I've met has been so supportive and are generally cool people that you would want to be around for 4+ years of residency. Utah Psychiatry offers every treatment setting you could imagine to get amazing training in addition a call schedule that allows autonomy but is in no way oppressive. Our faculty have been very supportive and the culture of this program fosters camaraderie. I could go on and on about the strengths of this program and I honestly couldn't be happier and can't wait for the next 4 years.


Florence, MT

Education History

Medical SchoolUniversity of WashingtonM.D.