School of Medicine

General Psychiatry Residency

Olga Lane, MD

Week in the life of PGY-3, Olga Lane, MD

MONDAY I’m rotating at UNI right now, our main inpatient psychiatry location. I wake up early so that I can start reading up on my patients at home while I drink my coffee. I love having remote access to Epic! Interns here don’t work on weekends during our on-service months, so I need to catch up on what happened over the weekend. I get to UNI around 7:30, print off lists, catch up with my medical student, and am ready to round at 8am. Today is pretty calm, with only a few new patients who were admitted over the weekend, so we are done rounding and seeing patients by noon. After putting in orders, I eat lunch at Starbucks with a co-intern, enjoying the chance to catch up and drink coffee. My afternoon is full of writing notes, doing some teaching with my medical student, and answering pages about my patients. No new admissions this afternoon, so I get to go home at 5pm. My husband and I go grocery shopping and prep an awesome dinner of roasted veggies, steaks, and cobbler for dessert. I wrap up my evening by catching up on my favorite TV shows and making plans for this weekend.
TUESDAY Today was a busy day. I did my normal prep at home, got to UNI at 7:30, and rounded at 8, but today my patients were more involved and rounding took longer. I decided to eat lunch while writing orders and starting notes, which definitely saved me some time. I still had time to grab a latte though! My medical student is fantastic and carries 3-4 of my 6 patients, which is a huge help, so together we worked hard and got our work done pretty quickly. We had a new admission this afternoon, so I ended up staying at UNI a bit later than yesterday. I was still home by 6:30 though, and was able to enjoy dinner with my husband and do a quick workout. I love that even on my busy days, I’m usually still home early enough to spend time with my husband and do something fun after work :)
WEDNESDAY Today I get to sleep in, which is always amazing in the middle of the week. Our didactics are a full day, and this week we start at 9am. I roll up to UNI at 8:50am, greet my fellow interns and other awesome residents while I’m walking in, and settle in for a day of learning. I really enjoy the way that we do group didactics for all residents in the morning (journal clubs, track lectures, etc), and then we have intern specific lectures in the afternoon. Personally, I think that our program does a really great job with didactics, and it’s a good chance to learn and maintain social connections with other residents. Plus, because it’s a full day set aside for learning, we have no clinical duties - no pagers, no notes to write, and no rushing to lecture after an interview went long. After didactics, the interns chat for awhile and we make plans to get together for dinner this Saturday night.
THURSDAY Today feels like a Friday for some reason, and we have a ton of fun on rounds. The whole team is joking around, eating food in the workrooms, and generally having a blast. My attending took the time to do some teaching with me and the medical student on the team, which is always really appreciated. All the attendings I have worked with so far really seem to enjoy teaching and working with residents and medical students. My medical student and I stayed in a silly mood all afternoon, so work went a little slower, but I don’t mind. Even with a discharge and a new admission today, I was able to get my work done and leave UNI by 5:30pm. When I got home, my husband and I decided to go grab ice cream in a cute neighborhood shop not far from where we live. I’m new to the area, so I love the chance to explore the area in the evenings and on weekends! I had been planning on taking my dogs to the park today, but it’s a bit too hot even in the evening. According to the weather forecast, this weekend will be cooler, so I make plans to take my two dogs hiking then.
FRIDAY I had a call shift after work today, so after my typical day at UNI I was on call from 5-10pm covering two units. Interns here don’t work on weekends (during on-service months), but we cover weekday call instead. Fortunately, today is a fairly calm call shift, so I was able to go home for a couple of hours before heading in at 8pm for a new admission. My new admit was a bit complicated, but after talking with my patient, my supervising resident, and the night staff, I was able to get home around 10pm and finish my admission notes at home. I don’t mind working late tonight, and am looking forward to having the next two days completely off. As I sign my notes and go to sleep, I look forward to a fun and restful weekend ahead. I’m planning to go on a hike with my husband and our dogs and grab dinner with my co-interns on Saturday, baking homemade bread and checking out a cute local coffee shop on Sunday, and maybe visiting the Utah State Fair at some point too! There’s so much to do around here, I know I’ll never be bored :)