School of Medicine

General Psychiatry Residency

Psychotherapy Training

Our program is committed to broad based training that will allow our residents to excel professionally in any aspect of psychiatry that they chose to pursue. As such, we place value on the teaching and supervision of psychotherapy, psychopharmacology, administrative psychiatry, academic education, neuroscience, and clinical investigation.

Our formal teaching curriculum in psychotherapy begins in the PGY1 year as residents engage in a 6 month interviewing course. This course includes the basic principles of empathic engagement, rapport, and clinician genuineness. The last part of this course includes seminars on “Introduction to Therapy” and “Supportive Therapy”.

The PGY2 psychotherapy curriculum focuses more on different therapy modalities. A year long course begins with the teaching of Interpersonal therapy, then continues with psychodynamic psychotherapy, and finishes with dialectic behavior therapy.

The PGY3-4 curriculum operates on an every other year seminar schedule with more advanced topics in therapy. In year 1, residents learn CBT, couples therapy, motivational interviewing, and finally therapy research seminar (which explores psychotherapy from an EBM perspective). In year 2, residents take group therapy, CBT, and advanced psychodynamic therapy.  Additionally, there is a monthly psychotherapy supervision seminar for residents to discuss and present challenges in their therapy cases.  This is also a forum for residents to learn psychotherapeutic case formulation.

Obviously training in psychotherapy can be a rich and diverse experience for residents. Below is a list of both resources and guidelines for the resident.  For example, requirements for both Psychotherapy Mapping and the Resident Continuity Clinic are each provided.  Additionally, a list of readings in psychotherapy covering various techniques and theoretical orientation are listed, with the intent that this document will continue to expand.  Finally, a list of individuals willing to provide Demonstration Psychotherapy is provided. 

Psychotherapy Mapping

Psychotherapy Mapping is an opportunity for residents to discuss their interests in psychotherapy, and map out opportunities to achieve their goals.  Beginning in the first year of residency, each resident should contact Dr. Lundberg some time between September 1 and November 1 to begin this process.  Residents should plan to meet with Dr. Lundberg once a year throughout their residency to continue to refine their interests and seek the commensurate experiences.