School of Medicine

General Psychiatry Residency



UH 5W (University of Utah Hospital 5 West)/VA PRIMARY SHORT CALL

  • Covered by PGY1s 
  • Direct and indirect supervision by PGY3s
  • 5pm-8pm on Monday through Thursday; 5pm-10pm on Friday
  • Complete orders, AME (Admission Medical Evaluation), and CDE (Comprehensive Psychiatric Diagnostic Evaluation) for all admits to 5W. Complete orders and H&P for all admits to VA.
  • Cross-cover all patients on 5W and VA
  • Emergency consults to medical units at both hospitals during shift
  • Cap at three admits Monday-Thursday and four admits Friday; additional admissions at the discretion of supervising resident


  • Wednesday 5pm-8pm
  • Cap is five admits or 8pm, whichever comes first
  • Adult admissions only (child admits by moonlighter or child/adolescent fellow)
  • Complete AME and cross cover on admitted patients until 8pm 
  • Sign out admitted patients to the night float resident at 8pm
  • PGY3 resident is responsible for supervision 


  • Friday 5pm-10pm
  • Cap is four admits or 10pm, whichever comes first
  • Complete AMEs and CDEs on admitted adult/child/adol and cross cover until 10pm
  • Sign out patients to the oncoming overnight resident

 5W/VA DAYTIME LONG CALL covered by PGY2s, TB3s, and PGY1s 

  • Saturday and Sunday from 8am-8pm
  • Complete orders, AME, CDE for 5W admits; attending accepts patients
  • Complete orders, H&P for VA admits; attending accepts patients
  • PGY3s serve as backup when soft cap is reached (eight patient encounters) or PRN
  • TB3s are in PGY2 call pool from January to March
  • PGY1s cover three long call shifts during last two months of their psych block


  • Staffed primarily by PGY2s
  • 6pm-6am Sunday through Friday (primary night float rotation)
  • 8pm-8am Saturday (weekend overnight call for PGY2s and late-cycle PGY1s)
  • Cover D2D (doc-to-doc), orders, AME, CDE for all ADULT admits (from CAC, Receiving Center, Wellness Recovery Center, University of Utah Hospital ED, University of Utah Health South Jordan ED, VAMC. and other outside hospitals) who arrive at UNI during shift
  • AME and CDE deferred to primary team for patients accepted after 5am
  • Child admits are handled by UNI associates or PGY2 UNI Friday night call
  • Emergency physician for all patients at UNI (codes/serious medical issues) including child and adolescent patients
  • Routine cross-cover on all patients you admit and on adult pods (not addiction pods unless you admitted the patient); attendings responsible for cross-cover 6am-8am
  • Total night float divided evenly among PGY2s and one month to TB resident


  • Seniors typically take supervisory call in blocks of one continuous week, Friday-Thursday
  • In house at 5W, UNI, or VA during short call (5-8pm Monday-Thursday, 5-10pm Friday)
  • TB3 will have one week per month for April, May, and June
  • Weekdays (Monday-Thursday 5pm-8pm, Friday 5pm-10pm):
    • UH/VA crisis communicates with PGY3 to accept new admissions
    • Senior notifies PGY1 of new admissions
    • PGY1 staffs admissions with senior resident during shift
    • Senior provides supervision and teaching to junior residents
    • Senior signs out to attending after shift
    • Senior contacts attending earlier for any questions or guidance PRN
    • Senior is “backup” to night float resident for cross cover questions
  • Weekends (Friday at 10pm-Monday at 8am):
    • Senior is “backup” to PGY2 for cross cover questions and after PGY2 caps
    • Senior is NOT responsible for supervising weekend admissions (PGY2 staffs with attending)