Elective Rotations

General Adult Outpatient Psychiatry

  • Davis Behavioral Health
  • UNI Adult Outpatient Clinic
  • University of Utah Counseling Center
  • SLC VAMC outpatient psychiatry
  • Fourth Street Clinic (services for homeless inidviduals and families) 

Addiction Psychiatry

  • UNI Recovery Clinic
  • VA SARRTP Outpatient Clinic
  • VA addiction consult service
  • Inpatient addiction psychiatry
  • Salt Lake A & D interim groups (motivational interviewing in group setting)  

Child & Adolescent

  • VMH child and adolescent outpatient services
  • ARTEC (residential treatment program)
  • PCMC consult-liaison psychiatry
  • UNI Kid Star/Teen Scope (day treatment)
  • University of Utah Health Child and Adolescent Specialty Clinic
  • UNI Neurobehavioral HOME Clinic (DDMR)
  • UNI inpatient child and adolescent psychiatry  
  • UNI Girls Transition Center (GTC)

Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry And Psychosomatic Medicine

  • University of Utah Health inpatient consult-liaison service
  • SLC VAMC inpatient consult-liaison service
  • Huntsman Cancer Institute Psycho-oncology Clinic
  • Palliative Care Clinic
  • University of Utah Health HIV Clinic
  • University of Utah Health Eating Disorders Clinic
  • SLC VAMC Blue Behavioral Clinic: interdisciplinary clinic with internal medicine and psychiatry  

Forensic Psychiatry

  • Utah State Department of Corrections (UNI telepsychiatry)
  • Utah State Hospital (forensic unit)
  • Salt Lake County Jail Forensic Unit (outpatient)
  • Designated examiner for mental health court
  • Private forensic evaluations

Geriatric Psychiatry

  • SLC VAMC Geriatric Clinic
  • SLC VAMC Blue Clinic
  • University of Utah Health Cognitive Disorders Clinic
  • Utah State Hospital
  • 5 West Inpatient Med. Psych.

Psychotherapy (Individual And Group)

  • University of Utah Health Resident Continuity Clinic
  • University of Utah Counseling Center
  • University of Utah Health Resident Dialectical Behavior Therapy Clinic
  • SLC VAMC Outpatient Psychiatry Clinic
  • SLC VAMC PTSD group therapy Salt Lake County A&D interim groups (motivational interviewing)
  • VA Evidence Based Psychology (DBT) Group Therapy
  • VA Social Skills Group Therapy
  • Demonstration psychotherapy (one year of individual psychotherapy for residents at no cost)  

Research Elective Sites

  • University of Utah Brain Institute
  • University of Utah Neuropsychiatric Institute ECT research
  • SLC VAMC (MIRECC and drug trials)
  • Huntsman Cancer Institute (psycho-oncology)  


  • Medical student case conference seminar
  • Resident case conference for post-graduate year 1 and 2 trainees
  • Psychiatry in primary care for internal medicine residents
  • Psychiatry in primary care for advanced nurse practitioners
  • Introduction to psychopharmacology for psychology interns
  • Brain and behavior unit medical student teaching  

Off Service

  • Inpatient pediatrics
  • Emergency medicine
  • Pediatric neurology (outpatient)  


  • University of Utah/UNI Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) rotation
  • Utah State Prison, Four Corners Mental Health, and SLC VAMC telepsychiatry
  • VA Clozaril Clinic
  • Utah Health and Human Rights Refugee Clinic
  • Inpatient psychiatry senior resident
  • Rural psychiatry
  • Primary care (internal medicine)
  • VA MHICM (Mental Health Intensive Case Management) Team
  • University of Utah Hospital Neuro-Cognitive Clinic
  • University of Utah Hospital Movement Disorders Clinic
  • University of Utah Hospital Sleep Medicine Clinic


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